I’ve moved to this little village just outside Pisac – Taray. The moment I saw a signpost I  knew it’s my place. Tara is in the Tibetan Buddhism the Goddess of Love & Compassion, The Mother Creator. She is a female Buddha, an enlightened one that has attained the highest wisdom, capability and compassion. I could not imagine a better place to live!

It’s a small village mainly with the locals and few gringos like me. No coffee shops to hang out, no supermarket, just few tiendas, main plaza with a church and pretty much during a day nothing is going on there. My new place is very comfortable (with a gas shower not an electric “suicide shower”this time), located by the river with a huge garden where Sufi (have I mentioned I have a dog?) is spending most of her time. Perfect!

The locals probably have never heard about the Goddess Tara, but they do worship the Virgin Mary. The weekend when I moved in there was a fiesta de Virgen de Rosario (Matka Boża Różańcowa, no idea what is an english equivalent). I have never seen anything like this! No, it was not a spiritual experience, Virgen de Rosario was only an excuse for 4 days of full on fiesta with live bands, private parties (cargos), processions, spectacles, bull fight in the plaza!, feasts and lots, lots I mean lots of beer. It looked like this event was sponsored by some brewery as people were constantly carried boxes of beer. That’s how I find out about the cargo system.

Cargo system is like a social system, confirmation of social hierarchy. The key families in the village ‘show’ their devotion to the Virgin by organising the cargo -a party in their house providing a band, dancers, food and drinks to all participants. Apparently it’s a privilege, confirmation of the status and the way to ascend in the local social hierarchies. It cost a little fortune but in return their generosity is blessed by Grace of the Virgen de Rosario…Whatever rocks your boat me thinks

Here are few pictures from this colourful, extremely loud, the whole day long celebration of Divine Famine 😉





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2 thoughts on “Taray

  1. Elizabeth Carmelino October 19, 2016 — 9:12 pm

    I´m so glad that you´re writing again……Beautiful and super colorful place


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