On top of the world

At the airport at the moment, waiting for my flight to Lima. I used to fly for work a lot. Now it is a treat and a special occasion when I’m on the plane. I love it! I’m truly excited. I’ve asked for a window seat to watch the plane reaching the sky above the clouds –  Stillness. Silence.
Clouds may obscure the sky. Sometimes puffy white clouds might be there. Other times dark, heavy and stormy…yet, the sky is still there. Always present. Always there. Vivid. Blue. Still. The clouds are like our thoughts, stormy feelings and emotions. The sky is our true nature, still and silent. Always present. Always there. Untouched by the storm of Life. Keep your focus there and watch the clouds passing by…meditation helps!
I’ve decided I’m going to stay in Peru. I’m making this country my Home. I’ve started a residency process and that’s the reason behind my flight to Lima.
Over 3 years of flying around, changing places is enough. It’s been clear for me in the last year that I need home. I need a base. I need a place that I call Home. As a traveller you develop really useful skill. You are very easily adaptable. I’m coming to a place and I immediately feel like i belong here but somehow it was not enough. At least not for me.
I’m ready to build. I’m ready to create. However I need a solid foundation first. I need put down my roots. I waited for a man to show me where is my home. I waited for some “hit from above” to show me where is my home. Nothing like this has happened so…
I’m setting my roots in a foreign land where I don’t speak a language and I’m creating a business without so much clarity, founds but finally with confidence, enthusiasm, aliveness, empowerment, trust and faith in sucess and in my own skills. I’m here to create and manifest the beauty and grace. There is no going back only forward NOW
This picture was taken during my last silence retreat. On top of the world – that’s how I feel at the moment ❤
on top of the world
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