Visa run and…

There are two things I would like to share. First my latest adventure, second… wait, it’s a surprise.

On Friday morning over my breakfast I told myself. “Right Gosia, if you’re going to do it, do it today. I know you don’t feel like but go!” I checked the buses and I decided I needed to go. Today. The bus was leaving at 6:40 pm from Pochutla. It was an overnight bus to Tapachula. 12hrs journey. My mission was to go to Guatemala and back in 48 hours. Why? To do a visa run.

When I first heard about a border run or a visa run I laughed. I thought What the hell? I remember I was in Xela and this girl Marianna walked in into my room with a beer in one hand and a small bag in other. I looked at her with a surprise, question look as she did not look like any other camel like backpacker. One tiny bag? She said she’s doing a visa run. What? What is she running from? Mexican justice system? No, it was just to renew a tourist visa that expire after 180 days. I remember we spent a lovely day together in Xela. I went farther south in Guatemala, she after 72 hours in Guatemala went back to Mexico. It never crossed my mind back then that one day I would have to do the same…:)

Other thing that never crossed my mind was my cousin and me together. Over a year ago we reunited back in UK. She came over to visit me for a weekend. I remember we sat down in my kitchen over the garden furniture. It was just before me leaving UK so I was slowly selling all my stuff. I sold my kitchen table and the chairs so the garden furniture were creating back then my entertainment zone. She just quit her full-time job to become a freelancer. I just made myself unemployed. She was just about to go for 1-2 months to Argentina just to travel around, I was just about to start my round the world trip. We both were pretty excited and encouraging each other on the life changing decisions. How little we knew? A year later…. She just got married this weekend in Argentina. I got stuck in Mexico and became yoga&meditation teacher. Who would ever write this scenario? Life! Congratulations Marta & Jorge !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zdrowie Mlodej Pary:)

Ok back to my visa run. Why do I have to renew my visa? I only arrived here in September so I still have over a month or so. Well, my Angels are pretty busy making sure I’m walking my path.

Back in November after another silent retreat I walked on a beach alone and this desire came. Very strong desire to apply for an another retreat. A long one this time. A list was full. It is a small retreat only for 15 people. I was on a waiting list. I said fine. If it happens great, if not its great as well. I surrendered. On Xmas day Megan a girl responsible for this retreat came over and said I’m next. People were dropping and a space just opened up. I was in if I wanted. Hridaya website describe this retreat as:

“The “Prathyabhijna Retreat” is an invitation to all those who have the calling to take their existing meditation practice to a deeper level. It is an invitation for those with a profound aspiration to deepen their spiritual understanding and to stabilize in the consciousness of oneness (…)”

So here I am on 23rd of January I’m starting 49-days silent, solitude retreat.

I’m writing here like its nothing, but it’s not. It’s been a process to commit, to make sure this desire is coming from right place. That it’s really what I want. It’s been and still is a process to overcome all my fears especially regarding material world read money. Also in the recent weeks I said goodbye to lots of friends here. All going back to their homes with enthusiasm, even plans. Some to travel further to India, some to teach and I? I have only one desire and even if I want I cannot deny it. I want to go deeper and I know there is deeper. There is a depth I feel that I have not touched yet. If there is any way to connect with this depth is through a meditation. I don’t follow news but the recent disturbance in Paris could not be missed. People need peace in their inner world, people starving for this. I will not change the world, but I can change myself and my little world. If I can create inner peace and love in myself and share with people who cross my path that’s my contribution to change the world. Meditation is the only way I feel to do it…

That’s why I did not feel like making few days trip to Guatemala. I wanted to do it quick and slowly get ready for my long retreat. Tapachula or actually Talisman is the closest border town to Mazunte. Only approx 700km one way…The plan was to travel on Friday night, cross a border on Saturday and catch an overnight bus to be back to Pochutla on Sunday morning. All went according to a plan!!!!! Yey!!!!!

I arrived to Tapachula around 7 am. Quickly found a collectivo to Talisman which is a border town. From there I took a motor like tuk-tuk for 5 pesos that literally dropped me on the front of an immigration office. I officially checked out from Mexico and walked towards Guatemala… There was a bridge to cross so I crossed the bridge. On the other side there was Guatemala. I did not know what to do. I did not want to go any further so I sat down and looked what is going on. I bought myself a freshly squeezed orange juice for bargain 10 pesos as a breakfast and waited…not really sure for what. 15 min later I told myself “Right Gosia, time to go. It does not really matter if you are here 15min or couple hours. Just go and hope for the best!” I walked back. I crossed the bridge again, I walked to the same immigration office again, the same window….Pretending like I was not here 15min ago, sending all my positive vibes to officers there. I filled in a necessary form, lady asked me how long I’m planning to stay. I said I don’t know. April? Boom!!! My visa has been renewed for another 180 day. Nothing to pay. Zero questions. Zero problems. I am one lucky girl I have to say. I smiled and walked away just saying thank you. Why? There are different stories from different people, mainly saying you need to stay min 72hrs so your visa can be renewed, or if not they will “charge” you 500-800 pesos for “a favour”, or give you permission for only 30 days. Boom! My Angels are really busy making sure all falling into place. 9am I was all done and back to Tapachula which is a bigger town with a bus station. I had only 14 hrs to my return bus!

So here you go some pictures from Mexico/Guatemala border, Tapachula town centre and Mexican market where the chickens are yellow, smoothie makers are made from ketchup cans, old-school games are on every stall and the local cheese is like polish twaróg. Twaróg prawdziwy twarog tu sprzedaja 🙂

With love my loved ones. Don’t worry I will check in before my 49-days journey so stay tune x

 DSC03445DSC03446DSC03447DSC03449DSC03451DSC03452DSC03453DSC03454DSC03455DSC03456DSC03458 DSC03459 DSC03461DSC03463DSC03466DSC03467DSC03470DSC03475DSC03480DSC03481DSC03483DSC03485DSC03487DSC03489 DSC03491DSC03492 DSC03494DSC03497 DSC03498 DSC03501DSC03502 DSC03503DSC03506 DSC03507 DSC03508DSC03509DSC03510DSC03512DSC03514DSC03516

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