Happy 2015!!!!

What am I grateful for? For freedom I’m experiencing now. Knowing and feeling that I can do whatever I want

For feeling of joy, love and contentment I’m experiencing slowly in meditation, and also slowly in my day-to-day life

For feeling of maturity that I’ve been longing for so long

For still very quite but existing feeling and power of my femininity

I’m grateful for glimpses of clarity I have. Understanding of the world and how it all works at least on a basic level

I’m grateful for wisdom I recognise I have. For trust I have to tap into that wisdom

I’m grateful for my intuition that so strongly has been guiding me

I’m grateful for my ability to see this beauty of my own self, and ability to slowly embracing it and welcoming in my life.

I’ve written these words on 31st December. I spent my New Year in silence. Mediating through the midnight in absolutely profound meditation. It was my best New Year ever! On that day  every hour we connected with a different place on the planet Earth that was celebrating New Year. We have connected with an enthusiasm that midnight brings, openness of the people and hope that everybody have for a new beginning, fresh start, new cycle… New Year! We have started at 7 am with Australia and moved through the globe. All I could think of were the places I have visited in my life, people I know across the globe. The tears came to my eyes when at my 5pm Poland was entering 2015. I felt all my friends and family there, clearly screaming Szczesliwego Nowego Roku! Joy came when England was passing midnight.

Happy New Year my friends! May your 2015 be filled with love, joy and happiness!

It was day 5 of my another silent retreat. This one was different as I was on an another side. I’ve been asked to coordinate this retreat. I have had responsibilities for the first time since a year. Retreat Coordinator is simply making sure everything runs smoothly, and if anybody needs anything you are there to help or to find a help. Similar to my career life just completely different environment, scale and weight and of course no money. Just yummy food as a pay. Happy days as  my ex-colleague Mr M would say:)

When I agreed to do so I thought Great! I’m going meditate for 10 days, have food for free and just had a normal retreat as always. How little I knew! It became obvious on a day 2 that is not a case. It hit me really strong what my role is about. Not only as a coordinator, but generally as a teacher of teachings I’ve received. I was there not for myself, but for others. I’m not in customer service anymore, but on a people servant path. Somehow I always knew that I’m going towards this direction, but I did not realise that I’m there until now…

That was a strong realisation. Giving myself to others? Really? Am I ready? Do I really want? Are my intentions pure enough? Doubt is a product of the mind so those questions were natural, but I stopped them for now. Deep inside I know that one day I would love to  share all I have learnt in the past few years. However it feels like at the moment I’m still on a learning path. I caught my wave as the surfers would say. I’m not going to shy away from my wave! I respect the wave and continue to improve my wave awareness “Your only job is to catch the biggest wave you can, and drop in as deep as you can.” Michael C. Willis

Saying that the pictures of ocean would be nice, but I shared them many, many times. This time a beauty of nature that blooming in the peak of dry season here in Mexico.

Happy New Year again x

DSC03388 DSC03403 DSC03407 DSC03410 DSC03412


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