So there is one Sky, one Earth. It doesn’t matter where physically you are, you can be sure that you have a sky above your head and the ground below your feet. That’s unchangeable. Hold on to that thought. Other thing that will happen for sure, 100%, even if you like it or not is the fact that you will be dead one day. Today, tomorrow, in 40 years nobody knows, but you will be dead. Accept it and move on! You are dying as we speak, but a key is to feel alive every minute, every day. To be happy. These 3 things help you to stay balance because in the world of unknown these things are constant. Whatever is happening in your life these are the pillars to calm your mind and hold on to something.

Being at the airport is a weird feeling. Kind of back to my old days. Last night I treated myself with a hotel room instead of hostel. It felt like on one of my business trips – hotel, airport. The feeling “I miss this life” came back to me. I quickly asked myself “Really? What do you miss?

I left Bocas yesterday. I keep changing places, and I keep saying “See you later” to people I want to stay longer with. Places I feel that could be my home. There are sacrifices I guess I have to make in order to grow. I keep searching for my life recipe. Places & people especially are my ingredients and I mix it all together and “cook” it all in my heart & head. I loved my time in Bocas del Toro. I loved people I met there. It’s heartbreaking to say “See ya“. Like it was heartbreaking to leave my love in Europe. Like leaving San Francisco was heartbreaking too, but it’s ok. It’s all for good. I’m learning . I’m learning how to live. I am a sponge and I soak in all experiences so I can make wise choices for me. It’s beautiful, beautiful experience and an amazing opportunity. I’m grateful for every minute of it.

So to all beautiful people who made my journey so far, who challenge me to think and to feel, who taught me a lesson, share beautiful moments thank you from bottom of my heart for crossing my path.

See you later somewhere, someday

Next chapter – Mexico. My flight to Mexico City is just about to leave.

Safe travel! love, gosia


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2 thoughts on “Next

  1. Cudowne zdjecia ze wspaniała Ty na plazy! i Bob M jak zywy 😀


    1. Ha ha dziekuje. Regee mix byl buziaki


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