Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama. Yes, I’m in Panama. Who would have ever written a better story for me? I have never ever had any desire to come over here, and here I am enjoying my time. Life it’s a mystery and really, really exciting journey.

Bocas del Toro is also archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. It’s right next to Costa Rica and probably one of the most popular tourist place in Panama, right after Panama city and San Blas islands. The biggest island is Isla Colon with Bocas town, the most visited place here. It is a backpackers town. There are more hostels than houses probably. It’s cute, small, kind of party place so guess what? I have not stayed there ha ha I’m getting old!

I’m on Isla Bastimentos where the most beautiful beach of this area is located – the Red Frog beach. It’s developing island. In few years it’s going to be a high-end place, lots lots of investments are made here. New marina, new big villas, beach front properties for sell, all nice but for now I’m here…for free:)

Have I mentioned that I live on a boat? It’s a hurricane season in the Caribbean Sea so an insurance company wants you out of the area. Lots of people are choosing Panama as a place to stay through the rainy season. It’s time to maintain a boat and just enjoy marina life. My host needed some help with cleaning an interior and I needed a place to stay. Good deal. I have my room, my own bathroom and lots to learn about sailing community. He is an interesting personality himself. His music collection is phenomenal. It’s over a year worth of music, all kinds and sort. One day he asked me who is my favourite guitar player? We went through all of his favourites. He taught me how to cook a vegetarian food, almost vegetarian. I had to compromise on mussels and shrimps one day. Sea food here its all fresh, but that’s as far I could go. I still stay away from meat and alcohol but added cigarettes to my diet:) Gosh! I really like to smoke. It’s not like I have to, I just like it. That’s all.

As many people of planet earth that many ways to live. Sailing community seems to made a good choice on the way of living. It’s not like everybody are mulitimillioners oh no. There are people who did the math and just figure out that sailing it’s cheaper than paying off the mortgage and life on credit. I don’t blame them and admire their courage. Every single person I’ve spoken to when I asked a question what their friends & family was thinking about this change they said That we are crazy. Sounds familiar to me:)

Every Tuesday all marina people are heading to the Bocas town for the fresh fruits and vegetables delivery. Here you go some pictures from today’s trip. It’s Tuesday right? 😉

With love x

DSC02544 DSC02552 DSC02554 DSC02555 DSC02557 DSC02560 DSC02563 DSC02567 DSC02568 DSC02571 DSC02575 DSC02578 DSC02579 DSC02580 DSC02581 DSC02582 DSC02586 DSC02589 DSC02591 DSC02594 DSC02595 DSC02598 DSC02601 DSC02604

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