Colonia de Roma

Mexico City.

It’s really weird that every single time I’m in Mexico the memories of my childhood years are coming back. There is something here that reminds me my home country. I cannot define it. Maybe architecture, maybe where they are in their economic development. I don’t know, but there are places, glimpses, experiences that are instantly taking me back home to my youth.

I’m staying in Colonia de Roma. Roma Sur is a residential, restaurants, commercial area. Really, really nice place. It reminds me Mokotow in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. In the early 20th century, this area became popular with the wealthy Mexicans seeking alternative from the city center. That’s explaining an amazing architecture. There are lots of art deco buildings. There are traditional mexican’s mansions as well. Some of them are waiting to be restored and some are back to their glory days. It’s quite green here if you consider that we are in the middle of the concrete jungle. Parks, avenues, wide streets, traditional and modern places to eat and to chill are making this area a place I could live for sure. Well, not really…I tell you why later.

I’m visiting my yogin friend. I have my room, my own bathroom and my own Grandma. She is beautiful and she does not care that I don’t speak Spanish. She talks to me non-stop and I’m doing my best to nod in the right moments. My resistance to a new language is still present. It’s ok. I slowly will remove this block…poquito a poquito. I have also an Aunt. A bonus I guess. A real mexican Family in the mexican neighborhood.

Rene, my friend, lives upstairs on the roof top. His private chill out zone. All hand-made from recycled products. He share his space with his beloved 8 rabbits and the music.  Progressive house is his favourite. Good speakers, good bass, great lights are making this space. He wants to be a tour guide, maybe have small hostel in this enormously big Grandma’s house. Who knows. I definitely can recommend his services. I had a blast for the first few days!

We took a bike tour to marcado! Cycling in the city is a quite challenging thing. Cycling in Mexico City is another story ha ha I did well! I survived! We went to the roof top party on Saturday night with live bands and absolutely great musicians. One guy especially blown my mind. Pablo was his name. I did not get his surname. I would love to follow his career. He is a stage musician already but wow! His guitar, saxophone work that night Wow! I don’t think there is an instrument he cannot play. I was very impressed! I also keep having the cooking lessons. Green chilli dish one evening, traditional breakfast mexican breakfast  “huevos rancheros” this morning. Life is good. I’m enjoying this experience a lot!

Now, why living here might be a challenge. It’s a city. It’s crowded. It’s loud. My skin has instantly became dry. I have to use a cream at least twice a day where before I was living on coconut oil only. Yesterday I went to nourish my soul to find an art museum. I’ve ended up in the centre and came back completely drained. It’s a challenge to live in the big city. I only now understand this! You are constantly exposed to noise, light, negative people, positive people, busy people, no smiling people. When I’m saying good morning in the local area people look at me like crazy with a face expression “What does she want” Wow! This is sad and I’ve forgotten how it is to live in the big city. It’s a jungle. Real concrete jungle and it’s an effort to find soul in that noise.

Anyway I keep enjoying and today going back to my art search..

DSC02871 DSC02851 DSC02852 DSC02855 DSC02856 DSC02857 DSC02862 DSC02863 DSC02864 DSC02865 DSC02868 DSC02869 DSC02870 DSC02789 DSC02791 DSC02794 DSC02795 DSC02797 DSC02798 DSC02801 DSC02804 DSC02805 DSC02807 DSC02808 DSC02816 DSC02820 DSC02848 DSC02849 DSC02773 DSC02774 DSC02776 DSC02778 DSC02779 DSC02781 DSC02784 DSC02787 DSC02822

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3 thoughts on “Colonia de Roma

  1. Ciesze sie Twoim szczesciem poznawania cudownych ludzi i odkrywania nieznanego! 🙂
    Dzieki temu co piszesz ja tez troszke tam jestem!


  2. Haha! This coming from the girl who was desperate to live in London!!!!!!!!!! 😉 xxx


    1. I know!!! Imagine my confusion now!:) x

      Liked by 1 person

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