Pura Vida and lice!

Pura Vida means “pure life”. It is the most common phrase use in Costa Rica. You can use it in every context, everything can be Pura Vida – to say hi you say pura vida, to say bye again pura vida, to say thank you- Pura Vida! Pure Life!

I’ve started this post this morning when I was sitting by the beach, sipping kombucha and embracing my pure life! I’m on Caribbean cost of Costa Rica in Puerto Viejo. I could not finish the post however. Why?  My scalp was itching, my neck was itching, my ears were itching…yes, I have lice!!!!!

It feels like “7 plagues of Egypt” are my pura vida, my reality. It feels like I’m going from one to other and each mean to test me or teach something. My month-long diarrhoea was my letting go. Letting go a lot of stuff. Cleansing an old rubbish not only on an emotional level but also on physical. It took me a while to understand the signals that my body was sending. The moment I did and worked it through it stopped. My diarrhoea went away. I’m trying not to question why/how lice found me. I’m trying to see what lesson is hidden underneath. Sooner I do it, easier it gets. I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to your health. Body and mind are so connected. When you’re balanced your body can cope with everything, your immune system works magic to protect you from all, even parasites.

Lice I guess are my lesson of patient. That’s only answer I have at the moment. I need the patient to deal with this shite and go with comb through my long, long hairs. Yes, it put me down a bit. I felt really great about myself recently and having some bugs on my body made me feel gross. I cried for few minutes and after that just accepted and moved on. It is what it is. Deal with it. Learn your lesson fast and move to other – I said to myself.

I don’t even want to know what others “plagues” might be…

Anyway back to my travel. Puerto Viejo is my last stop in Costa Rica. Tomorrow I’m leaving to Panama to Bocas del Toro. I’m still with Nicole and bless her she’s been supportive through my emergency. We’ve crossed the country to Tortugeros together. We did numbers of busses to get there and the taxi boat in heavy rain. It was 12 hours adventure! what we have found there was even more rain and lots, lots of water. Here are some pictures from that lovely island! Despite of the whether it was so worth it to go there.its the most chilled place I think I ever visited. No cars, no traffic, no rush. Loved it! loved the place, loved the people. Just great!

DSC02354 DSC02355 DSC02373 DSC02381 DSC02390 DSC02387 DSC02395DSC02396 DSC02410 DSC02413DSC02415 DSC02416 DSC02418 DSC02423

DSC02426 DSC02429 DSC02437 DSC02446 DSC02448 DSC02451 DSC02459DSC02467 DSC02472 DSC02474 DSC02475DSC02478 DSC02485 DSC02498 DSC02502

DSC02503 DSC02506 DSC02509 DSC02510

DSC02511 DSC02513 DSC02514 DSC02517DSC02519

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