Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio! It’s a story itself how I’ve ended up here. I was really enjoying Montazuma. It was such a chilled place that I could easily stay for couple more days. I had a private room with double bed a walk distance from the beach. I had a good laugh with my french companion met in the hostel. Beautiful almost white beach with almost turquoise water, great weather. What more do you need? As my French friend said People waiting to win EuroMillion to come over here, we have all of this for 10$ a night. So true! Costa Rica is expensive, but you are able to travel on budget.

I was having breakfast when Marco, an Italian guy who runs a hostel said that it’s full tonight so I won’t be able to extend my stay. It was about 8 am and I had no idea where I want to go next. A couple sitting next to me said that they are heading down south, but a bus is living in literally 15min. I run to my room and quickly pack. Montazuma is a lovely place, but not really easily accessible. Once you miss a morning bus you are stuck. It means you miss a ferry, I mean your whole logistic is messed up. We managed to catch a bus and on the way I’ve decided to go to Dominical and further down to Panama to make a U turn to start to make my way up to Mexico.

Costa Rica is easy to travel via public transport. Buses are safe and comfortable. They are more like coaches then chicken buses, but there is one problem. You have to change them a lot! From one town to other, every hour or two. When we got to Quepos a random girl asked me where I’m going. I said Dominical. And you’re skipping Manuel Antonio? She said. I’ve never heard about this place before, but when we got off the bus there was another one just living to Manuel Antonio. We were only 20 min from there! There was another girl just getting on the bus. As apparently it was a place worth a visit, and I had no plan I’ve joined Nicole and jumped in.

Manuel Antonio is a popular, touristy place. A small town with the National Park and a beautiful beach. Nicole had a reservation in a hostel again a walk distance from the beach. When we arrived the ocean looked spectacular. The sun was coming down. Nicole had a message on the beach, I had an amazing walk. Exactly what you need after hours of traveling. It was only four of us staying in the hostel so very quite place:)

The next day National Park was a thing to do. Quite a lot of walking, lots of stairs but nice remote beaches. Here you are some pictures from the park and a main beach of Manuel Antonio. The weather was not perfect but one thing you need to know about Costa Rica. You’re sweating like a pig here. I know! It does not sound exciting but it’s true. Humidity here is ridiculous, nothing dries and you are constantly covered in sweat.

I’m moving fast so this post is written from the Caribbean cost of Costa Rica. The story how I ended up here instead of south of Panama I will share later.

Enjoy pictures! With love x

DSC02263 DSC02265 DSC02270 DSC02283 DSC02285 DSC02301 DSC02320 DSC02322 DSC02328 DSC02333 DSC02336 DSC02346

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