Leon is a pleasant place. It’s another colonial town in this part of the world. I probably don’t sound too exciting, but it’s not because of a place it’s because of the heat. It’s 8 pm and it’s still 30 degrees. I’m coming from a cold climate. High temperatures are not my speciality…

Nicaragua feels different. I cannot say too much as I have not seen a lot but just after crossing a border the landscape has changed. Guatemala, El Salvador were all mountains and volcanos landscape. All green but hilly. Nicaragua seems to be flat. There are few volcanos around Leon but for the first time in ages I was able to see horizon on the way here.

The people feel different as well. I cannot name it yet, but somehow I don’t feel connection like I felt in Mexico or Guatemala. I don’t speak language so for me its all about feelings. I really don’t know why and what exactly it is. They are nice, pleasant, helpful but I don’t feel and cannot read them. There is some vibe I have never came across before. I keep observing and trying to understand it.

Leon is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. It’s fairly popular with tourist but definitely not crowded. I think people only recently started to come here. Apparently in the last decade  numbers of bars increased from 3 to countless. It means something, right?:) Not that I’m interested. On Saturday night I ended up in the bar drinking natural juices…Sometimes I doubt if this trip is going help or destroy my social skills?

It has colonial architecture but definitely need more attention and money to restore and keep it in a good shape. The central plaza with the biggest cathedral in Central America is impressive, but only a street from there rubbish are flying around. On Sunday when rest of the world was enjoying a final I’ve decided to visit Museo de Arte Fundation Ortiz-Guardian. That was a total surprise for me. First of all I was alone in a beautiful colonial style building, secondly their collection of Latin America art is large and really stunning. The first two pictures were taken there. These are indoors patios. Unfortunately I was not allowed to photograph an art.  The rest of the pictures were just randomly taken today. Due to the heat my ability to see was really limited. There are impressive churches in Leon and as church is always the best place to cool yourself from the heat I visited them all today ha ha

I would say Leon is a place worth to visit. For me personally towns, cities are not really attractions anymore. I like them for few days but after that I really don’t know what to do with myself. I need nature. I prefer remote places than towns or cities. I’ve spent few hours in Guatemala City and that was enough. I definitely not going to the capital here – Managua. My senses cannot handle amount of noise and people on one square meter. Tomorrow I’m heading to Granada to take a ferry on Thursday to beautiful Isla de Ometepe.

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