From Antigua to… Nicaragua

Interesting…I’m not sure if that’s the word I’m looking for, but I don’t want to create any drama, or be too cool about my 24hrs journey from Antigua, Guatemala to Leon, Nicaragua. It was an interesting experience for sure…

In Central America you can travel from place to place with few options – local chicken busses with no space limited and with literally everything live and dead in it, slow and cheap way of travel. The shuttle buses which are touristy, pricey, direct and comfortable mode of transport. I used both options on my travel, but this time I’ve decided to go for a middle option. On my way to Nicaragua I’ve ended up with a chicken bus, but paying less then tourist, a bid more then double of a local fare, but in return had two sits for myself. I’m tired but I hope it makes sense. They have charged me double but gave me an extra sit for my comfort. I was happy with that but…

It was over 800km, 4 countries, 3 borders and all during a night. I was wondering this morning if it’s me becoming a comfortable traveller or I’m just playing with a fire?

6pm border with El Salvador. 12:30 am with Honduras. 3.30 am with Nicaragua.

Each time you have to check/stamp out from the country you are leaving from, check/stamp in to the country you enter to. Different immigration officers, different buildings, different charges…Each time they ask you to walk through the boarder. Your luggage is carefully checked. Nope you don’t have any technology or dogs. All by man power. It’s taking ages and all in an environment you don’t associate with being friendly, safe and logic. I really don’t want to create unnecessary drama, but this borders are not a nice place to be. They filthy places in the middle of nowhere. Imagine to be there in the middle of the night…

I really believe I have Angels looking after me. The bus was full. Full of locals, me and luckily one girl from Argentina. She booked her ticket with the same people so sat behind me and was my “wing man & translator” on this adventure. We both tried to blend with the rest of the group and try to understand what is going on. Each border is different, so its not like you get comfortable each time. They charge you different and as non resident you are treated differently. First of all you have to pay! Honduras 3$, Nicaragua 12$ as an entry fee. They all saying its official, but somehow with this smily face and literally taking a money straight to their shirt front pocket. Arguments make no sense its all “official”.

Thanks God for a full moon last night, the journey was in light, not peach black!

I was calm. I was at peace.  All my destinations, way of transportations are recommended to me by locals or other travellers.  I don’t travel with Lonely Planet, I don’t do reasearch. I’m not against, but personally I don’t like this part of travel. I always, ALWAYS follow my intuition, heart, gut feeling. This way I never doubt my choices! I never question them twice. If it felt right when I was booking this ticket I felt absolutely calm that’s the right place to be. That I meant to be on this bus, with these people, going through this experience, and not in any other place on this planet. You cannot even imagine how much internal peace this belief can give you! It’s solid! It’s very strong and you simply take an experience as it is without stress and panic. Calmness was with me. Well, when we stopped at 3.30 am in huge parking lot with absolutely zero life around I thought “Niech sie dziele wola niebia, z nia sie zawsze zgadzac trzeba!” / “Come hell or high water” It turns out that Nicaragua border was closed from 10-7am ha ha we had to wait 4hrs there.

These pictures were taken around 6am when I finally felt comfortable to walk around with my camera…

I’m in Leaon, Nicaragua. Tired. Straight from the bus walked around town, found a hostel, had a breakfast, I’m back to my coffee addiction so morning coffee as well. Message my Dad that I’m alive, checked FB to see how great others are doing and now I’m ready to have a shower…

Tired… so tired..

DSC01895 DSC01902 DSC01904 DSC01906 DSC01910 DSC01911 DSC01912 DSC01918 DSC01922

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5 thoughts on “From Antigua to… Nicaragua

  1. Well done on surviving such a long journey! Fingers crossed Nicaragua is everything you hope for xx


    1. I have no hopes or expectations so it can be only good!! So far so good, I’m trying to understand where I am and who are the people hare. Each country feels different. Let’s see x


  2. dzielna Kobita! trzymaj sie 🙂


    1. Powiedzialo sie A to I B , C , D musi byc ha ha Niech sie dzieje wola nieba!


  3. zblizasz sie do poludniowej moja kochana? dojedz do argentyny na listopad!! ja bede tam do lutego, mniej wiecej (albo dluzej, kto wie…)
    wielki uscisk sle!!


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