I’m moving fast, so its going to be a quick one. It’s just to share couple pictures from Granada. It was a very nice town. A math of this place was quite random. I paid 5$ for bed in a pleasant, comfortable hostel, but 2$ for a coffee. Ok agree it was a posh coffee shop, but still where are the proportions?:)

I left Granada this afternoon and made my way to Isla de Ometepe. Only 2hrs on chicken bus, then collectivo taxi to a ferry place, and hour on a small boat to get to an island and another 3 hours on another chicken bus. All for 4$ and lots of good memories:)

On the last bus I met 3 British people who convinced me to climb a volcano tomorrow. I must be mad as it’s not an easy hike. 4-5 hours one way!! Steep climb!! Why? Why am I doing this to myself ha ha

Wish me luck!

What am I going to remember from Granada the most? After miles of walking in the town I sat down to rest. It was a late afternoon around 4-5pm. Group of 4 orderly men was sitting close to me. As you do when you retired you sit with your mates outside and watch life of the town passing by. I joined them for probably 2 hours. They bought me an ice-creams, offer me fruits. We could not communicate much but it did not matter. Chilled, relaxed, don’t have to be anywhere atmosphere was in the air. I loved that few hours. So random, so weird and so magical at the same time. Lovely!

I did not take a pictures of them but on that day I did photograph people so here you go.

DSC01927 DSC01928 DSC01934 DSC01935 DSC01943 DSC01964 DSC01965 DSC01966 DSC01967 DSC01969 DSC01973 DSC01979 DSC01983 DSC01984 DSC01987 DSC01989 DSC01991 DSC01995 DSC01999 DSC02018 DSC02019 DSC02024 DSC02027 DSC02030 DSC02035


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1 thought on “Granada

  1. Climbing a Volcano! Amazing!
    Enjoy my dear 🙂 xx


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