Antigua is my last stop in Guatemala. Tomorrow I’m starting 24hrs journey to Leon in Nicaragua. I’m going to miss this place a lot…

Guatemala is nothing I have expected. It is such a beautiful country, full of culture and beautiful people. Security wise you just have to have a common sense and you will be just fine. I walked alone in the middle of nowhere feeling completely safe. Passing men, women, children greeting me with a smile. Once after hours of walking a car has stopped and a kind gentleman warned me that this is not necessary a safe road to walk alone. Well, my love to life has protected me so far. Thank you my Angels!

Antigua is a beautiful colonial town or a small city if you like. It’s an hour away from Guatemala City so it’s a weekend getaway for “chapines”, that’s what they call people from capital. I have no desire to visit the city, so tomorrow I’m just passing by. I also have no desire to stay in El Salvador. Big cities are not recommended and the beaches famous for surfing somehow are not resonating with me. I was considering to volunteer in the farm slash orphanage there, but if I’m honest will myself, and I have to be, I’m not ready to help others and give myself to people. Not yet at least. There are enough “helpless helper” walking around this planet. Nobody needs another one.

What I have been doing in Antigua for past few days? First thing I did was to visit all possible galleries in the town. There are not many but Museo de Arte Guatemalteco Primitivo on 4th calle is  definitely worth a visit. It’s both, a gallery where you can buy Guatemalan’s artist work and a museum where you can admire pieces that are not for sale. What make them different are colours and simplicity. Some of the artist are without any school, but their work has captured my attention for sure. It’s more about a subject then a composition. Very often there are religious ceremonies, old people portraits, day-to-day life of indigenous people. Colours are soooo vivid!! The lady who runs a place clearly have a passion for Guatemalan’s art. She made me really welcome and said I can spend as much time as I wish there. There was one tiny, tiny piece I really wanted to buy but… Next time and once I have a wall to hang an art on:)

Antigua is also very touristy place. Full of restaurants, coffee shops and everything what helps you to spend your money. That’s another reason for me to go. Hopefully Nicaragua will help my budget:)

Anyway Antigua is without doubt a charming place. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world it’s a place to visit. Once I arrived here and saw a main plaza I instantly had sepia pictures in my head. I hope my vision has translated well into pictures.


With love x

DSC01756 DSC01759 DSC01760 DSC01768 DSC01776 DSC01777 DSC01785 DSC01788 DSC01789 DSC01791 DSC01793 DSC01800 DSC01808 DSC01809 DSC01811 DSC01812 DSC01814 DSC01815 DSC01823 DSC01824 DSC01829 DSC01833 DSC01837 DSC01844 DSC01848 DSC01849 DSC01852 DSC01855 DSC01862 DSC01869 DSC01871 DSC01872 DSC01874 DSC01875 DSC01878 DSC01879 DSC01881

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2 thoughts on “Antigua

  1. cudowne knajpki. jakby sie czas zatrzymal… i 50 i 100 lat temu 🙂


    1. Takie I ja mialam wrazenie stad pomysl na sepie love


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