I did this! I went nude!

I did it!  My first public nude experience ever!  I got naked!!!!! I went to a nudist beach, but the one with a twist. It actually wasn’t a nudist beach, but a regular beach with naked people there. Hope it makes sense! It was in Zipolite where the full nudity is not required, it’s optional. In my opinion it’s even harder to do it then:)

I’ve got to Zipolite in the morning and it was straight away obvious that I operate at  different time zone then this town. I’m at 7 am walking on a beach every morning, they go to bed at 7. When I got there around 10 there was only a hangover vibe left, and I did not like it at all. I’ve decided to go farther.

I took a collective taxi to a beach recommended by locals –  Playa Estacahuite. A very small, calm beach, surrounded by rocks still with a feeling of a virgin place, but probably not for long. There is a resort just to be open there, so this peace of heaven will most likely become their private beach. Lovely place though. I hang out there for a bid and drove back to Puerto Angel. There is nothing special about this place at least that’s was my first impression is. It’s a fishing village with a concrete pier in a centre. I was just about to jump into other collectivo taxi to take me back to Zipolite when I’ve heard the music from the building right at the beach. Lead by my curiosity I walked in. there was a group of Mexicans with kids. It turns out they waiting for a bus to take them back to Mexico city where they were from. They just finished, as the one guy that spoken some english explained a weekend of taking their life inventory. They were Anonymous Alcoholics group. They offered me a coffee so I sat down to listen them to play and sing thier hearts out, especially the kids. During a break the guy explained that alcohol kills the spirit, but the music helps to open the heart. That’s how he keeps going. I believe that 100% He gave me flauta -an instrument –  hand made by him. I don’t know an english name. He said I don’t know what’s your story is, but we all have one. Learn how to play this, it will help. Kind guy, very kind guy! This way Ladies & Gentlemen for the first time ever I own a musical instrument. I don’t know how to play but will learn…

I went back to Zipolite. I gave up on an idea of liberating my body. I did not like the place so I though well, some other time but… I stopped for a coconut to drink and eat afterwards. I was sitting on a beach and watching people. There was a couple with a kid walking by. The boy was dressed, but the parents were completely naked and…so comfortable with it.  They looked like they used to do that ,as there was no lines on their body, nothing. Their bodies were fully exposed , but neither of them or even me mind it at all. This second I said to myself right, let’s have a look then!

I walked down the beach. I’ve been told before that nudity is an option here, so some people were “dressed”, some topless, some nude. All is allowed. I walked to the end and I’ve noticed that nudity did not bother me that much. I could not help to not look, but it was ok. I don’t know how to explain it. I just did not have any reaction OMG I see naked people if you know what I mean:) anyway I got to the end and started to return. I spotted a perfect place to start.  A gorgeous, young, topless girl on my left, and orderly couple with him being so tan than you could not even noticed that he was naked, on my right. I thought if you walk by you either pay attention to this gorgeous girl or him:) that was my strategy! I went topless, and it felt ok. I’ve done this before, so it did not push my comfort zone too much. I was watching people and I could not help to want more…

I moved my towel to a different place. Gay couple on my left, two girls on my right –  all naked. I thought right, what are you afraid of? People? Do you really care that much that it’s going to stop you to do something you really want to experience for the first time in your life? Push yourself, see how it feels? Suddenly this courage came from nowhere. I took my pants off, stood up and completely naked walked down to the ocean!!!!! Felt liberating!!!! The water was shallow so I was completely exposed, just from time to time covered by waves. You know how it felt? It felt like home. Suddenly an idea of having cloths felt weird. It felt like it’s so natural, that it meant to be like this. Mother Earth wants us to be like this. Sensations in the body when water, waves hit you are just phenomenal, amazing! I enjoyed the moment, my body enjoyed as well. I did not care a bid how I look for the outside world. I knew my body is perfect just the way it is, not less, not more but just the way it is.

I walked back to my towel and sit down. Uncomfortable feeling came back again. It’s different to be in the water facing the ocean, and different to sit down with people around. I said to myself gently you will not leave this place until you get back to your comfortable feeling and i did…I looked at my white body with not even centimetres of any cover, and I just loved it. Everything about my body is feminine, my shape, my tires, my curves. Today I did not fight against it, but embraced it a big time. I liberated myself from thinking I need to be perfect. Every single person I’ve seen today was beautiful. We are all unique in our own special way, and that’s the beauty of human being. Today I experienced that feeling for the first time ever.

I enjoyed and it felt great. I’m proud of myself for doing it!

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5 thoughts on “I did this! I went nude!

  1. Ja to bym sie chyba tylko gapila z ciekawoscia na wszystkich w koło :-)))


  2. you go girl! :*


    1. Ha ha freedom!!!!!!! Take care there


  3. Ps. instrument looks a little like a recorder – I used to play the recorder when I was little! 🙂


  4. haha! You nutter!! :-p
    Well done though, sounds like it was a great experience for you xx


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