San Agustinillo

So where I am right now? San Agustinillo

It’s a small village right by the ocean, population maybe 100. There is only one street and some houses on the hill. Why here? When I’ve got to Pochutla, which is like a transit point to the Pacific Ocean there were few places on my mind – Mazunte, San Agustinillo or Zipolite.

Mazunte it’s a popular place for travellers with some bars at the beach and a party vibe. San Agustinillo is consider more a family destination and Zipolite is apparently a hippie place. I really don’t know why, but  San Agustinillo resonate with me the most. Even before I’ve got on a truck which is like a local collective taxi I met the German guy and he recommended Mazunte as well. I almost get off there, but as only 4km later I saw  San Agustinillo and the beach I said no I’m staying here. I had no reservation. I did not do any research where to stay. Me and my big backpack which needs to shrink at some point went to find a place to stay.

Luckily it’s not a big village and I’ve been directed to the place where I’m staying now. Another azul=blue room:) Well, I’m not complaining. For 45 pounds I got a deal of 6 nights right at the beach! the best deal in the town!! The toilet and shower are challenging but I can cope with everything to make my dream to come true and living at the beach was my dream. I hear the waves all day long and at night especially. I wake up each morning, walk down the stairs and I’m at my favourite place in the whole world. Next to the water!!! Life is nothing but a dream and you are a dreamer!

Here are the pictures from my today’s morning walk.


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3 thoughts on “San Agustinillo

  1. indeed it helped, thanks a lot !


  2. Hi Gosia, do you recall the name of the place you stayed in San Agustinillo ? It sounds like just what I’m looking for. luv your bloq 🙂


    1. Hi Jens! Thank you for your comment. San Agustinillo is a magical place. Views, ocean, beaches wow! For 3 months I stayed in Punta Elefante right at the beach. I think they only have FB site. Have a look:)

      Hope it helps :)))


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