Hridaya Yoga retreat

In case you are wondering where I am, I am at Hridaya yoga & meditation centre in Mazunte, Mexico.

I supposed to be now on my way to Guatemala, where I wanted to expand my knowledge in metaphysics in San Marcos, Las Piramides place. Well, as always in life you need to be prepared that things unexpectedly move you, touch you or trigger you and your course will change. That’s what happen with me here.

On the first night in San Agustinillo I met the local expats who like me, at some point of their life where on a journey, and found home in this village. I could easily settle down here myself, so I’m not surprised about it at all. They have recommended both places for my spiritual growth.

I don’t really know why, but maybe them, maybe a gentleman I met briefly inspired me the most, but I thought as Hridaya yoga centre is just few minutes away from here why don’t I go and check this out. Of course there was a course starting on a day when my rent at “by the beach” place run out. Why am I saying “of course”? Because when you’re walking your path things are just happening, things are unfolding, you are meeting the right people at the right time, and they guide you to the right place at the right time – magic, synchronicity, call it as you want.

The first day was for free. I was sceptic and really did not know what to expect. For me yoga is a gym class, or a stretching, relaxing exercise. I’ve tried maybe 2-3 times in my entire life, and even though I always enjoyed a feeling afterwards I’ve never continued. Why? We resistance the most the things that are good for us ha ha the first thing that made me think, was a fact that yoga exist almost 5000 years. If that would be only “stretching, relaxing exercise” surly it would not be practiced for 5000 years. Even if you only take a logic approach in life, nothing to do with spirituality you cannot ignore that fact. There must be something more to that then just a physical aspect. Yes, there is!:)

After a first day I knew I want to stay. After a morning class my emotions kick off, I wanted to cry! After an afternoon class I was angry, I wanted to kick somebody badly, after an evening class I was calm. I stopped to fight against. Resistance in me is huge though.

I am starting a day with a meditation at 7 am. Then a morning lecture with a yoga session. Branch at 11, break until 3 and another lecture, another yoga practice, dinner and another lecture until 8. Food is vegan. Yoga is not physically demanding. It’s not dynamic type, but very slow movements. It’s more about keeping a pose for longer. So it’s very gentle for body, but so good for spirit. Lectures are really interesting. Why did I know I wanted to stay here? They emphasise the power of the heart, and it’s exactly in line with what I’ve been working on for months now. I need to open my heart, not constantly be in fear of being hurt. It requires a bid of extra work on my side, but it’s ok. I have never been afraid of work.

Anyway things are going well here. I’m feeling like I’m doing something really important for myself. I really healing myself, and it’s such an amazing gift, the best I could give to myself. I deserve it!

DSC00795 DSC00796 DSC00798 DSC00800 DSC00802Photo on 17-04-2014 at 13.32 DSC00803

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1 thought on “Hridaya Yoga retreat

  1. Bardzo sie ciesze ze odkrywasz siebie i radosci zycia 🙂
    Dalej Gosia!


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