Form the quest

Time to form the quest. Day one was just to adjust to the time difference – 2 hours behind:) Day two is to ask. What do I want from this experience? What do I want to achieve? Do I want to learn spanish? Do I want to get know the local craft, culture? Do I want just see and move around? What do I want?

I’ve learnt my lesson in San Francisco. First of all I had this massive desire to wake up my creativity. San Francisco has fulfilled that desire. Everybody I hang out with were either artists, or art lovers. It is contagious. I’ve started to appreciate an art in a new way. I personally  write. It is an addiction now. I have to write every day. I cannot imagine a day without. I write down my thoughts. I write it in my journal and sometimes I write here. Maybe in the future words are going to be my medium. Will see. I want to write a book, no idea what about yet, but I want to write a book. Will see. Secondly I wanted to talk with people. I wanted to have deep conversation with people. In San Francisco it was so easily done. Every single person I came across has added something to my life. It was amazing! Thank you strangers, and thank you friends! Also, I remember before I started this journey as a form of joke I was keep saying that I want to become a lesbian in SF, and porn star in LA. Well, it is not exactly what has happened but I was close. I was kissed by 3 girls one night, and I have successfully directed and photographed something which can be described as a soft girl’s erotic the other night. Both were completely new experiences for me, but I really enjoyed them. It was really liberating to see how some people are comfortable with their sexuality. Well done! Be who you are, whoever “you” is!

Here in Oaxaca the scenery is different. The energy is different, but I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy my experience. What do I want? I want to communicate with people, so yes I need to learn spanish. I want to know the story behind the faces. I want to know their tradition. I want to see and experience how local people live here, what they eat, what they drink. I want to live like them. I want to live with them. I’m trying to get local contacts and thanks god something is clarifying. Fingers crossed I will be able to rent a cheap room somewhere where nobody speaks any english and take from there. I want to visit all villages around Oaxaca famous for their craft. Black pottery is big here. I want to see and document it all!

Going through my pictures from San Francisco I’ve noticed so many with the old cars. I don’t know why, but I was keep taking pictures every time I came across one. I thought before I start my Mexico photo album I will share these one with you. Enjoy!

DSC07011 DSC07277 DSC07404 DSC07474 DSC07485 DSC07581 DSC08258 DSC08261 IMG_0107 IMG_0692 IMG_0791 IMG_0802 IMG_0978 IMG_1063 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1114 IMG_1166 IMG_1184 IMG_1190 IMG_2169

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4 thoughts on “Form the quest

  1. Moze nie zostaniesz lesbian star, moze nie porn star ale “World Star” na pewno 🙂
    Z niecierpliwoscia czekam na dalsze cześć samopiszącej sie powiesci z wyprawy 🙂


    1. Jakas star na pewno zostane!!! Ha ha buziaki


  2. ¡Hola mexicana!

    if there was a way to attach a picture here, I’d send you one showing the ‘lovely’ weather here today.. It’s just to say – enjoy Mexico! Learn Spanish, it’s beautiful! (I already have done the whole month of classes and enjoyed every one of them) And stay there (well, around there) till November, so we can meet in Latin America. How cool would it be.
    I’m sure Mexican street are soaking wet with inspiration and I’m also sure you won’t miss any!

    disfrutar cada segundo de esta experiencia!


    PS just realised i’ve written it all in English, no idea why..


    1. Hola chica!!!!! Any language will do:) let’s do Spanish:))) it’s hot, it’s colourful. I’m soaking in this experience and not going back anywhere anytime soon. Love you xxx


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