On the way

The first flight behind me. Houston, Texas airport now.
What a strange feeling I jus had. It was 2-3hrs flight and you know when the plane just landed and you waiting for the doors to open. I was chatting with this guy and for some reason it just felt like I’m on one of my old, business trip and just going back home. The flights in Europe are usually around 2-3hours. It felt like that. Ive just landed and I’m going be home soon, on my sofa, with remote control in my hand. Well, that’s not going to happen…
The guy was from Miami on the way back from Bangkok. He was so looking forward to be back home. He loved Miami. He loved the place where he lived. I felt jealous. How lucky he was to find a place like this? Good for him!
I have at the same time acknowledged how hard is to leave San Francisco. I could easily find “my” home there but I have decided to leave. I think it’s a straight to be able to do it. Although you enjoyed all at the same time you know there is more…and you not afraid to reach for this more
Well done me…

Ok boarding soon for my next flight to …


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2 thoughts on “On the way

  1. Ciekawe kto teraz leży na “Twojej sofce”?


    1. Kris albo pies bo sofka poszla do nich! Buziaki


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