Things are moving fast

Things are moving fast here. I’m in the right moment, at the right time. Yesterday morning I met Eva. Totally out of blue. She walked into the language school where I was asking for the classes. She teaches spanish and been here 6 years. Boom! How about that? We left the building together and talked for the next 5 hours probably about everything. Life here. Mexico in general. The town itself. It felt good to have somebody translating what you see into english. When I’ve mentioned my plan to settle in here she straight away said about the place she has seen the other day. We went to view it this morning…

Well, tomorrow morning I’m moving out from the hostel to my own space. It’s very close to the center. It’s very basic as well. It’s hard to explain what it is. Patio in the middle. Not the one you picture from Spain or Paris. Oh no. It’s more like my grandma’s backyard in the 80s when she still had animals: chicken, pigs etc. Not a hard core but something I’m not used to, that’s it. The “apartments” are on the first floor. It’s actually a room with your own bathroom which is a big bonus here. The room is blue, very blue:) Double bed, desk, wardrobe and that’s it. Not a luxury but a clean, safe space. Nobody in the building seems to speak english so exactly what I’ve asked for. Seniora who runs the place allowed me to use the kitchen so… what more do I need? Apparently there is wi-fi as well, but I’m not holding my breath on that. All of that for 2000 pesos a month which is 150$/90 GBP. I’ve checked with others locals and its a good price for location and the standard. I’m taking!

Today I’ve also had my first Spanish lessons with Eva. That’s going to be fun. I’m so determined to learn and communicate with locals. It’s hard to be in the place where you cannot express yourself and your needs. The simple task become a huge challenge. I’ve never been in a place like that. Everywhere I went people always speaks english or you had a self-check out shops.

Today I’ve also been to the central bus station where you can either take a bus or share taxi to the villages outside Oaxaca. Job done! Day three was about organising yourself and get oriented in my new surrounding. I’m excited about this new chapter. After 3 days in hostel I cannot imagine to travel in that style. I’ve noticed this morning that even while travelling people get stressed which is completely surreal concept for me. Set the alarm clock in the morning? Why? You’re on holiday. Worried about next place to see? Why? Things will work out, and if they don’t worry when it happen not before. No, this is not my style.

I’ve found my first street art here:) it’s some political message but I though I need a picture for this post so here you go.


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6 thoughts on “Things are moving fast

  1. zaintrygowało mnie to patio – poproszę zdjęcie.


  2. Powodzenia w odkrywaniu Meksyku i nauce hiszpańskiego 🙂


  3. Hola señorita! Tak sobie czytam i czytam o Twoich przygodach i jakoś coraz trudniej usiedzieć mi przy biurku 🙂 Super. Powodzenia.


    1. Uciekaj od tego biurka. Do slonca, do zycia! Pozdrawiam


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