Life is beautiful

I’m slowly saying goodbye to my beloved San Francisco. There is no doubt that this is  my place on the planet. Probably one of many, but for the first time ever I felt such a strong connection with a place and local community. It’s a special place. High frequency one. What does it mean? It means that it makes you feel good. It’s a happy place opposite to depressing. It means the place that increase your frequency, it means the place itself combine with the people makes you feel good. It charges your battery, giving you an energy and life- force. Beautiful place, beautiful place. Beautiful people.

I lived in San Francisco. I have not visited San Francisco, I truly lived here form the day one. There was no warm up period, the first evening I was in it. An amazing start when I think about this now.

It feels like I’m closing the loop now. I’m going back to my favourite places. I’m meeting the people who I came across before to say just thank you. Thank you for an experience. Thank you for being my teachers and expand my mind.

There is no doubt that my brain is on an other level. My awareness has increased as well. I have shifted from logic to intuition. I have shifted from “me” only to community. I have shifted from narrow thinking to the bigger picture. I’m enjoying this new thinking a lot. I’m excited where it takes me a big time.

I’ve experimented with myself here. If you think 4 months ago I was a corporate citizen it’s really hard to picture me in that set up right now. Once you expand there is no coming back. Once you grow you cannot make yourself smaller. I just read “Once you become aware of the source of any unhappiness, we cannot expunge that awareness. We have to make choices.” In this case I cannot go back. I have no clue what am I going to do in the future. The rest of the journey will unfold this for me for sure.

I still don’t have any plans for Saturday. I pushed out my flights and removed Fiji and New Zealand from my itinerary. I’m giving myself 6 months in Latin America. My flight from LA to Tokyo will most likely be on 15th September. I most likely will to fly to Mexico City first, but not to stay there, at least not for now. I’m thinking to find a place something between the big city and village/town where I can settle down for a month. Just to get comfortable with new environment, get comfortable with the language and gain my confidence. I will take from there to whatever place my flow with take me.

I’m excited about it. I really am. I’m in such good place right now. I’m so happy where I am at the moment and about an opportunity I have. Life is a beautiful place, I’m grateful for this gift for sure! It is weird feeling to think I’m not going be in San Francisco next week, but at the same time I know it’s a good thing to do. One of my friend here said to me on Sunday saying goodbye to me “I cannot believe you’re leaving this place. You look like you belong here. I just cannot believe”. Change is constant. That’s all what I can say.

Wish me luck and of course I will update you on my plans:)

Here are the pictures from my Saturday walk around the Golden Gate Park. I’m going to miss my San Fran x

DSC08337DSC08354 DSC08358 DSC08359 DSC08360 DSC08363 DSC08367 DSC08372 DSC08379 DSC08381 DSC08383 DSC08387 DSC08402 DSC08409 DSC08411

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