Brave Girl

I have to share this with you guys quickly!

I’m just, as always sitting in the coffee shop. Two middle age guys, I mean in their 40ties are sitting next to me. One looking like a member of Oasis, the other just a normal bloke next door. “Next door” one is talking about the date he had last night. All about these strong cocktails they had. That it was nice, but this girl might have too high expectations bla bla I had no idea that guys talk about dates in such details. It’s like I said this, she said that wow! That’s a lot of work me thinks.

Anyway that’s not a point, so the “next door” guy went to get a coffee, and Oasis guru was left alone. This girl, who was sitting by the table opposite to us, was just living but before… she stood up (wow she was tall!) turn around to the guy sitting next to me and…handle him a piece of paper and said something whispering.

Bloody hell!!!! Is that what girls are doing these days!?! Wow!! I was left in shock. I turn around to the Oasis guy and asked with my eyes wide open:

Did she just give you her phone number?

Yes – he answered with a wide smile, but surprise face

Wow that was brave of her! Have you at least chat with her?

Nope – he said

I’m amazed! In this case I have no chance to success in this love scene. I could never pull out such a performance. He said he is going to call her, they will probably go also for some yummy cocktails. Guess what I’m going to do with my time?

Write about other people happiness… F**k dates! I’m undateable anyway:)

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2 thoughts on “Brave Girl

  1. Erm…..
    “F**k dates! I’m undateable anyway”
    That’s not the right attitude young lady!

    This experience should show that
    a) boys are just like girls when it comes to dates! We think they are all ‘play it cool’ but really they are dissecting every moment of the date with their friends just like is girls do!
    b) that we live in an amazing world where girls no longer have to be the one waiting, waiting to be asked, waiting to be kissed. We can take control of our destiny, go out there and grab life by the horns! 🙂



    1. Awwww I only now discovered that comment. Yes! Agree to certain extent. Agree for others, but for myself I’m ok. I follow my destiny, I’m talking to the strangers all the time. If my destiny is to cross the path with someone it will happen despite who take control. I don’t like “control” word anyway. I want this to happen organically if that makes sense. Take care and thank you for keeping an eye on my right attitude. love xxx


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