Glimpse of past

I continue with my nostalgic mood, plus it’s raining in San Francisco so kind of reflection of my current feelings. My body is in pain, but a good pain. Like you know you’ve done something good for your body, but as you have not been using it for so long you now have to suffer a bid.

I’m in California, a land of healthy eating and healthy living. It’s in the air an awareness about good, natural, organic food. It’s in the air an influence the food you eat have on your mental health and your body. You cannot help, but just by being here you learn and notice the difference.

My Angel, will be pleased to know I started to cook again. I love cooking, but I barely did that in the last year. I believe cooking it’s a creation process, you’re expressing yourself through food. You cannot do it from “I’m angry, fuck the world, cannot be bothered” place. How can you let your guest to eat that kind of food? It’s full of poison. I believe we put energy in everything we are doing. If its positive energy your food will taste delicious and people will feel and appreciate it. They will feel it without knowing that this is the food cooked out of love place. Amazing! amazing process. Done with the group of people is even better, and that has reminded me about this placed I discovered couple weeks ago.

You remember my post “Glimpse of future”? Well, I experienced totally opposite world. I met Diamond Dave on the bus line 24. We sat next to each other for maybe 3 stops, chat about me being from Poland, his life wisdom and whatever you can say in 10-15 minutes. When he was getting off the bus he asked me if I’m on FB? I said yes, and that’s how I became Diamond’s Dave 5000th friend! Yes I was 5000 one haha

He is a character for sure. Apparently he hang out with Bob Dylan and all the kids of that era. He has seen a lot of old San Francisco no doubt. He remained me about our Polish poets Milosz, Szymborska, which apart from the school years I have never really read. He introduced me to Rumi poetry. He invited me to City Collage where he teach, and for a brunch to his place. He lives in the last existing in San Francisco communal living space – Underground Collective of San Francisco. I mean they don’t live there as it’s illegal these days, and most likely they will be evicted from that space in the next couple years. I never had a need to belong to any community, group or anything. My friend used to say I’m like cat, taking my own path and don’t commit to one group of friends. That’s me. Recently however I’m starting to appreciate people more and starting to think it would be a nice feeling to belong somewhere. Let’s see…

Underground Collective of San Francisco is an extreme way of living, but what I really like about this place is regular brunches Diamond Dave is organising after the farmer’s market. People get together, cook the food and just enjoying each other company. We have been blessed with lovely weather here in San Francisco, so it’s easily done. I met there Taydums Proudtobe AStoner, a girl who has been travelling around US for 10 years! 10 years on the road. She blew my mind with the concept of living without time. Forget time, forget watch just trust that you will be at the place that you need to be, at the precise moment you need to be. Wow! Can you let go so far?! Imagine life without time, without this “thing” ticking every second reminding us constantly about being late, running late, running out of time. Removing this measure from our life would take off so much stress from our life. You could not be stress about being late! about running out of time! Wow! I’m determine to try it. Test it when I can, when I’m far away from “normality” whatever that is…

It’s still raining here. I’m still sad. I’m relax though. I know I’m on the right path and I’m about to discover beautiful things about myself “What we need to guide us is right inside us!”

 Here you go the taste of 5lower space!

DSC08174 DSC08179 DSC08198 DSC08205 DSC08206 DSC08209 DSC08213 DSC08216 DSC08221 DSC08222 DSC08229 DSC08237 DSC08239 DSC08246 DSC08253 DSC08255 IMG_1585

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3 thoughts on “Glimpse of past

  1. I’m sure your Angel is pleased to hear you are eating better!! 😉
    Just make sure you learn some yummy recipes for when you get back – we’re all expecting a feast!! :-p

    Ps. Love their turquoise bus!


    1. Vegetarian recipes only, I barely eat any meat! ps. somebody actually lives in that turquoise bus:))


      1. Vegetarian recipes??!!!! That’s no good! :-p


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