Just ask, and it will be given!

There is something new I have not mentioned before. It is my flirtation with the classical music. It’s completely new world to me. 

It all started at Revolution Cafe. If you ever visit San Francisco, it is a place to be. Small cafe on 22nd street/Bartlett with live music 7 nights a week. Completely free. If you are musician in San Francisco you definitely played in that space. Everybody knows it, everybody been there, of course locals not tourist haha They have different music every night. Reggae every Friday, Sunday is a jazz night, but Monday is reserved for what it’s called “Classical Revolution” – a classical music. Only few weeks ago I have finally managed to hang out there on Monday night and…magic has happened. I’m hooked!

I’ve discovered I love the sound of the string instruments. I’m completely honest I did not even know the names in English, so I described them to my friend as “the one you played by your ear!” Now I know the one I love the most: violin, viola and cello. Add the piano to this and I’m in heaven! This sound goes straight into my heart. It’s pulling the strings there. So weird, so weird…

Why this post is called “Just ask, and it will be given!”?

Ever since I’ve discovered Classical Revolution night I wanted to go to San Francisco’s symphony.  I so wanted to experience the sound of the orchestra. I don’t think I ever been to symphony. I’ve been to opera once, but cannot remember any night just with classical music, so that was my dream for the past few weeks. Of course, you can say just go and buy a ticket, but when you travelling you become conscious about money. Not that you not spending, I’m opposite! Tipping in the coffee shop, everywhere I can. I believe money needs to circulate. Today you give, tomorrow you get:) Don’t focus on lack, don’t complaint just let them flow.

Anyway, the ticket to symphony was a dream! One morning I was sitting in the kitchen with my flatmate. We were both hangover after the night out in Bordello place. He put on the vinyl with French composer, and we were just sitting quite, too tired to talk. I was listening the music, and in my head I just said again “I so want to go to symphony”. Guess what happen a minute later? David said “would you like to go to symphony tomorrow. I have free tickets for the afternoon concert” !!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! You have to recognise things like this, when they are happening. It’s not any coincident. It’s a magic. You ask, you manifest, you believe you deserve and it’s given! Universe is smiling to you and respond to your request. My journey is a living proof of magic like this happening to me almost every day. It’s crazy. It’s overwhelming. It’s like a path where I should go is unfolding to me gradually. Slowly but steadily. All I have to do is just trust, think positively and say thank you.

Afternoon concert blow my mind. The sound was like nothing I’ve heard before. Of course the tickets were the best you could have, one of the first raw where you could hear, see all so clearly. Lack of lyrics caused that I let the sound to play with my imagination a big time. I’ve discovered that string instruments are touching my heart. The wind instruments are playing with my mind. It’s was like a massage for my soul, a calming bath to my mind. After the concert we’ve treated ourself with the fancy dessert, and glass of yummy sparkling rose for me. Beautiful experience. My next dream is ballet! 🙂

 IMG_1523 IMG_1525 IMG_1527 IMG_1528 IMG_1531 IMG_1536 IMG_1538 IMG_1541

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4 thoughts on “Just ask, and it will be given!

  1. Jak wpadniesz do 3miasta musimy isc na Olowianke 🙂 Pozdrowionka 🙂


    1. Koniecznie!!! Koniecznie. Jestem zafsscynowana I chce wiecej:)!


      1. Ołowianka tak nie wyglada i nigdy nie bedzie ale jak sie zamknie oczy to najwazniejsza bedzie muzyka i o to w koncu chodzi 🙂


      2. Zgadzam sie I juz sie nie moge doczekac naszego wyjscia!!! Pozdrawiam mocno I goraco x


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