The way back home

This morning I went to the church. Twice a week I’m helping in this project for the homeless people. It’s based in the Catholic Church, but religion has nothing to do here. The church during the day is becoming the place, where homeless can peacefully sleep, in the warm, safe environment with less hassle then the shelter or the street.

It’s a  huge grounding lesson for me. It’s a huge acceptance lesson as well. Who am I to judge where they are? Who am I to judge their life?

I’ve not been kind to myself recently. I had a busy weekend. I’ve exploited my body with hell lot of walking, trying to run as well, and all of that combine with alcohol, cigarets and without proper cooked meals. Just eating here and there. Definitely a place with no kindness to my body and mind. Mind wise I’m my worst enemy. Patient and understanding of your own weaknesses are not my strong suit.

It was a busy morning with over 100 people there. Some of them needed a blanket, some asked for the clothing voucher, or soap, or razor or socks. Absolutely basic stuff. Some just wanted to sleep without any interruption, and some would come and say hi.

All what these people want is just to be treated like human being. They just want to be visible.
All what my body and mind want is just to be treated with love & kindness. It just wants to be heard.

Ironically I have lots of kindness for outside world including strangers in that church, but I lack kindness & understanding to my own self.

I wonder how to find the way back….the way back home.

Home as a place within you, from where you love and nourish yourself. Without this you are homeless. Homeless on the street of busyness, stress and restless…

This afternoon I left all my burden behind, took my camera, and with music in my headphones I went for a walk… I’ve finally crossed Golden Gate Bridge.


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2 thoughts on “The way back home

  1. But did you get yourself some proper food??!!!!
    Get yourself a proper cooked meal Missy!
    Love you xx


    1. Good news is I’m not doing any fast food here. I have not been to any burger or chicken place but… So don’t feel like cooking. I know….not good. I will try my best my Angel. Love xxx


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