Glimpse of future

I saw the glimpse of future. Scary future…the new lifestyle of living, dressed in the smart gown of the luxury. I’ve experienced an apartment complex, where the new-tech kids are now living.

There is a fancy lounge to greet your guests, the reception to check in. There are plastic cards instead of keys. There are pictures of the forest, but no tree. There is heated outdoor pool. There is a free gym membership. There are 24 floors. There is a rooftop, with an amazing San Francisco panorama, the best I’ve seen. There is a new, 30 something floors, second building to be completed soon. An eye pleasing luxury, nice luxury but…

The advert on the new building says…

“First, not last.

Tortoise, not hare.

Move, don’t wait.

Early, not late.

Pre-leasing and happiness this way please.”

Hurry up! Happiness is waiting for you! Be the first, not last!! Hurry up….really???

It hit me right in my face to realise, that it is not just a nice, smart place to live. It’s a new way of living!!! The new lifestyle that has been designed for the new generation of kids.

It’s reality created by people and for people full of insecurity. An illusion of success. It’s human’s new creation of the perfect, fully secured place to live. 24/7 concierge service. Car valet parking operated via apps. Housekeeping on request. Group activity organised for residents: indoor, outdoor, trips to California’s top destinations. All what you possibly need is right there, provided for you on your request. 24/7. All is perfect, life is good and we are all pretty. Bullshit! It’s a lifestyle build out of fear. Fear of seeing things as they are, things not pleasant to your eyes. uncomfortable to your eyes. It’s a fear to face the real world where the pain, cruelty, disruption is present every day. Real people! Those kids are moving there straight after college, living in “hotel feeling like” building and think it’s a real life, That’s success. That they made it! Made it what I’m asking. False bubble .The bubble of false reality.

This is a very clever bubble. The bubble that would be hard to burst, not in my life time probably, if ever. The bubble that includes all area of your life, very cleverly designed. These kids live in the world where work is 8-12hours of “fun”. They are told at school. they are told by society that this is the definition of success – to work there and live like above so they do it…but why they are still not happy?! Because they don’t feel anymore! They feelings have been repressed by desire of faster, bigger, be the first one. “See through your heart” is oxymoron they learn from the old poems from 20th century. They commute to work in these nice coaches (oh no,no no public transport!) own coaches with the black window. Sounds like  futuristic vision of cyborgs going to work to me. Then they’re going back “home” to a place which is like a luxury hotel, and they don’t need to leave at all! Everything is there, everybody are there, or wants to be there, so they stay in the bubble 24/7. It’s like extension of playground. They are not allowed to grow up…….!!!

It’s making me so sad to see this. The choice is taking away from these kids.

Don’t get me wrong I see human beings there, so they are good people, but they have been deluded by the new world and way of living. Where fun is the only way to go. What’s wrong with pain I’m asking?  Only through pain people can grow, develop and become better, higher, richer. How do you know if it’s warm if you’ve never experienced cold. How do you know what is happiness if you never experienced sadness.  Without contrast you cannot know these things. You need to experience both to know the difference. Gosh! It’s making me angry to see this. There is no need to be afraid of pain. No, it’s never nice to go through difficult times, but when it’s happening there are always ways to survive. Human beings are designed to survive and grow out of any difficulties. Why do we reject this gift? Why are we trying to change and avoid it at any cost? Every singe experience meant to teach us something. Once you accept that in your life there is no fear anymore, There is only fun of living. Life will become so rich that there are no words to describe it.

I’m learning this. I’m not there yet, but I’m far enough to see the new way of living which is being created in San Francisco. SF is experimental land. If these things works out here it will spread around the world. It’s scary. Very scary.

I have two books with me to read. I think they have been waiting for me until this moment of realisation. I have never been so keen to read them now. One is “Brave New World” by Vintage Huxley. The other is “1984” by George Orwell. I will let you know my opinion for sure.


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5 thoughts on “Glimpse of future

  1. From mama mac: “It really reeks of the conditions that existed before the French Revolution where the upper class had no cares or awareness of the suffering taking place in the lower class. This building, NEMA, certainly sets up a structure that starts the isolation process from happening so this whole new generation has no contact, no awareness, and therefore no compassion for those that are less fortunate. Very very disturbing. Especially knowing that all their needs get met in their apt. complex and then they get on their private busses and ride to work and are isolated once again. Not good at all.

    Thanks for sharing,”


  2. xoxoxoox, this was so therapeutic to read.


    1. Wow thank you for that commend! I’m really pleased it resonated with you. Thank you! X


  3. Łał.

    PS. Spróbuj jeszcze Brak tchu Orwella.


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