Landscape is changing

The side effect of losing a phone is the whole discussion on FB of Apple and Android. Some people just cannot let it go haha yes you! you know I’m talking about you:)

Anyway it makes me think about the side effect of this battle on the local San Francisco level. It’s very interesting time to be here. All these guys are located here ( in alphabetical order:)): Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc etc They all have their headquarters in this area, and San Francisco has become their playground.

In Downtown the tall, glassy apartments blocks are build. With no window to open just air-condition as an option for the fresh-air. Further down many houses, so famous around the world for their unique, own, colorful look are knocked down, and replaced by again glassy, metal modern pads. You can clearly see that the new money have arrived to the city.

My favourite district La Mission is heavily impacted by this hi-tech boom. Mission originally was Latino and artist district. The first language here is Spanish. It was famous for the culture, street art and working class immigrants. It’s a unique place and as I’ve mentioned it many times I love it!

With new money the landscape is changing. Greediness has arrived as well. There are so many stories about people, small businesses being evicted. There is a gap in the law allowing landlords to increase massively a rent, and if you cannot afford you are out. I mean I understand the mechanism of economic growth, but what I don’t understand here is why local community does not benefit from this growth? Why they are punished?

San Francisco is a free spirit city. It’s all about culture. It’s a small city with limited capacity. If the people who created this culture are forced to move away what is left? glass and metal we see everywhere in the world? 

It’s interesting time and I’m very curious how the local government will balance the old with the new without losing the core of San Francisco.

In the meantime more of the street art from Mission. The first mural express perfectly Mission today.

IMG_1177 IMG_1171 IMG_1183 IMG_1186 IMG_1188 IMG_1198IMG_1192

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