Meet the Drama Queen…Me!!!

It pains me to write this post. Physically pains me, as I have to admit to my mistake. I’ve asked for a lesson and here I am. I have one. The most difficult one, the one you learn through your own mistake.

I’m so embarrassed right now so I will just do it…

It turns out that I was not mugged…I’ve simply dropped a phone on the street.

The girl found it between Valencia and Mission, so exactly where I was walking yesterday.  She responded to my begging message I’ve entered through “the lost mode” on iCloud and contacted my flatmate. I’ve just been to her house with nice bottle of red to say thank you and to pick up my missing property.

I’m so embarrassed right now….

All the drama of last night. This morning speech about the lesson to learn, being mugged, the whole section “You, who has stolen my property”…. so embarrassed for my overreaction…classic drama Queen…ME!!!

The positive thing out of it. We had a good laugh last night. My flatmates and I we bond a big time. 3 of us going to the police station with all the conspiracy theory what phone is doing in Oakland. Back in the flat with lots of drinks to the late night hours tracking the phone on iCloud. We’ve discovered the power today’s technology. It’s amazing what you can do remotely with your phone.

The lesson to learn out of it – don’t blame others for your mistakes and never doubt in human kindness. Love, gosia xxx

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4 thoughts on “Meet the Drama Queen…Me!!!

  1. I pierwsza lekcja pokory za Toba :-))))


    1. Masz racje! To zdecydowanie byla lekcja pokory. sama o to prosilam w postanowieniach noworocznych. ach! koniec koncow wszystko dobrze sie skonczylo a ja madrzejsza z tego wychodze:)


  2. You a drama Queen??!!! Never, I don’t believe you!!! 😉

    Glad you got your phone back….and you faith in humanity!


    1. What can I say…but at least I’m aware and I admit to the world haha All good now. xxx


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