I’ve been mugged! Just while I was walking on the street. In bermuda triangle of Valencia, Mission and Cesar Salad street. My phone was simply taken from my bag either when I was waiting on the red light or just walking. I did not feel a thing. I had my headphones on, and my mind was browsing somewhere in the past or the future, definitely not in the present moment.

It happen then and I just felt it straight away.  Not that somebody mugged me, but this urge feeling of “a missing thing”. No idea at that time it was my phone.

I strongly believe that things are happening for a reason. It’s to teach us a lesson and it depends on us if we want to learn it at the first time, second or fifth. Each time it hit us harder and harder, but there is no way we can avoid the lesson to be learnt.

I cannot stop thinking what I suppuse to learn from here?

Number one thing is my believe in people. I’ve recently restore my faith in humanity, so is it a test of my new believe? Or is it a reminder to always carry not grain but the bag of salt and apply it when it’s necessary? We have this expression in Polish “zasada ograniczonego zaufania” which could be translated as restricted/limited trust. Is that what I suppose to learn here?

Number two is my instinct. It was shouting out loud but I kind of ignore it. It’s a new thing for me to have such a sharp gut feeling, and I have not yet read my “internal manual” how to use it and apply it in the daily life.

Number three is to let it go. I’m not going dwell on this, feel sorry and waste my time and energy to be angry. Yes I am! Purely because somebody has invaded my space without my permission, but on the end of the day it was just a phone. It is a thing. It was an expensive thing, but still a thing. I’m healthy, I’m not traumatized just feeling that somebody took advantage of me…

You, who has stolen my property. Whatever your reason behind is I hope you will learn your lesson. I hope the money you will get, will serve you well. I wish you all the best and let you go your way. Thank you for teaching me what I need to learn but I will carry on.

You happen to steal a thing from a person who will not stop believing in a good human nature just because of your act! People are born to be good, kind and to love. Whatever anger and pain you have inside you that makes you take advantage of vulnerable people it’s a sad thing. It happens all the time, all over the world, but I still hope it will stop. Gradually people will stop hurt each other and will find the way to their happy place where they belong. Happiness and love are the only way to move forward so as Nara said “we cannot lose the faith in humanity!” Amen

The last picture taken with my phone…

I was in this fancy tea lounge a day before and this figure has caught my attention. it’s a Hindu God Genesha. I don’t know much about symbols, but just checked the meaning and “he is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles”. It’s my choice to focus on that and let it go the rest… Thank you!


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