Welcome to 2014

Welcome to the New Year!

2014! Wow! My image of 21st century was shaped by “The Jetsons” cartoon (another unfold from TV in 80s in Poland:)) When I was a kid I truly believed that it is a picture of 2014 and the years to come: flying cars, food robots, robot maids, electric dress etc etc Well…

The New Year has a symbolic meaning to me. It’s kind of fresh start, like turning a new page of your journal. Anxiety what is going to be written down here? Oh, I love this feeling. I love my journal as well.  Any New Year resolutions? Yes and no. I tend to not do it, but I guess this journey is too important to not have one.

On the New Year party I’ve met lots of people who inspired me in all different way. I think it’s a shift in my mind-set that makes all those folks drawn to me. I’m open. I never had a problem to meet new people but this time it’s different. I’m letting them to see my insight, and it’s amazing experience to do that. Once you open yourself to people it’s a game changing moment. They automatically become your teachers and the process of giving and receiving is full on. Beautiful experience, and I hope you know what I mean.

My guidance for this year and years to come is quite simple…

First of all to be humble.

Secondly to be grateful.

Third I heard yesterday the quote from Oprah which I totally agree with:  “You get in your life what you have a courage to ask for!”. So thirdly is to frame the quest go for it! Don’t be afraid to ask, and be open and grateful for what’s is given.

It’s a privilege to be on this journey. I absolutely recognise that, and every single day I remind myself about this privilege. Not any luck, but privilege! Who and where I am has nothing to do with luck, it’s all earned.   I’ve worked hard for who I am, and where I am today. I’m ready to work even harder, go deeper to find my happiness. I’m ready to make sacrifices. I’m ready to ask people for help and that bit will be another game changing moment. I’m getting there…I’m getting there.

So again, I welcome 2014 with excitement and leap of faith. I’ve postponed all my flights by two months, so majority of this year I’m going to spend on the road. Open to the new experiences and people ready to cross my path somewhere on the way…

You are all welcome to join me:)

In the meantime more murals from La Mission district x DSC07010 DSC07026 DSC07029 DSC07040 DSC07041 DSC07047 DSC07050 DSC07088 DSC07089 DSC07100 DSC07109 DSC07124DSC07125

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