Day for my soul…and Happy New Year!

The last two days I’ve spent in the bed. My body said: “Enough, you need to rest!” I was so weak that the only thing I could do was to wrap myself in all available layers, and just  patiently wait for my body to recover.

My body did a good job and recover quickly, but what about my mind and my soul? My soul needs the beauty to recharge the energy: beauty of nature, or beauty of human creativity. So my mind in response to that desire has decided to go to De Young art museum to see David Hockney exhibition.

It was beautiful and exactly what I needed – nature in art! So much colours and so vivid. This English painter has captured the energy of the places so well. The same road, the same landscape but painted in different seasons, so in result the energy of the place felt so different. It  has pleased my eyes and my soul. I felt happy again!

I’ve always thought that the spring and summer are my favourite seasons. After this exhibition I cannot wait to experience the real autumn and the real winter again. Autumn is mysterious, with a bid of anxiety what is going to happen next. What winter is going to be like? Winter is  a  closure, the end, an answer, finished product of the year. The proper one with snow, cold, blue sky is magical, crisp and clear….

As we are starting a new year with new hopes, new dreams and expectations I would like to wish you the healthy body, clear mind and nourished soul to help you to achieve whatever you wish for in 2014.

Happy New Year!

I was not allowed to take any pictures, so only few before I was ordered to stop. The other are from Bvlgari and blown glass exhibit. Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Day for my soul…and Happy New Year!

  1. Gosia!
    Bardzo dobrze piszesz, powinnas pisac wiecej 🙂

    Wszystkiego najwspanialszego w nowym roku, niech chec przygod Cie nie opuszcza, a ludzie na Twojej drodze niech dalej inspiruja!
    Sto piecdziesiat calusow z Mendozy, stolicy wina na podnozku cudownych Andow 🙂


    1. Ojej dziekuje za te slowa. Pisanie a w szczegolnosci po angielsku jest naprawde poza moim comfort zone:) Jednakze uwielbiam!!! Uwielbiam wiec zdecydowanie bedzie wiecej.

      Wszystkiego NAJ NAJ w tym nowym roku zycze. Przygod, podrozy i usmiechu na twarzy przez caly rok zycze. Chlon widoki, doswiadczenia i ludzi i…tancz do upadlego:)

      Buziaki grace love xxxxx


  2. Happy New Gosia – Keeping on having fun living your dream in 2014 🙂


    1. Thank you Michelle!!!! Happy New Year to you too and hopefully see you in April:) xxxx


  3. Wszystkiego Naj Naj Naj i skoro marzenia juz Ci sie spelniaja to glowy pelnej marzeń 🙂
    a skoro marzysz o zimie…


    1. Marze o zimie Moneta ale Munch dotyka mej duszy:) wszystkiego NAJ NAJ I szampanskiej zycze xxx


  4. Gosiu, wszystkiego najlepszego i spelnienia marzen 🙂

    PS. Niezly z Ciebie wspinacz klifowy 🙂


    1. Potrzebuje dodatkowego treningu of wspinacza gorskiego ja Ty! Jak wroce lekcje prosze. Wszystkiego NAJ NAJ! Ja kawke popoludmiowa bede rozpijala ja wy szampana otwierac bedziecie:) buziaki I szampanskiej xxxx


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