Thornton Beach adventure!

I punished my body! The intention was good. I wanted to heal my soul, but what I did instead was to kill my legs and did a massive walk! The adventure! Real adventure!

I’ve walked for hours along the ocean beach. I did not think much where I was going. I was just enjoying the sun, sound of waves, blue sky and just soaking in the energy of the ocean. It was a beautiful day. Very warm, very clear and very sunny. After the darkest and longest night of the past 500 years which apparently we had couple days ago in San Francisco I was desperate to charge my soul with good energy!

I walked, I walked and I walked more. I’ve ended up in an area with no exit just cliffs on your left, and ocean on your right. Well, without really thinking I followed some girl and just started to climb a cliff to find my way out. It wasn’t easy and my shoes where definitely not the right one. Imagine me almost on my knee, trying to just go up. I freaked out at some point. The path was quite steep, sandy and not stable at all, but there was no way back. Going down was equally scary as going up. Like in life you always try to move forward so I did!

I’ve climbed to the top which turns out to be the view-point of Thornton Beach! There was this boy maybe 8 years old. He looked at me appearing from nowhere and asked with obvious disbelief “Did you just climb this cliff?” I was too shaky to comprehend what I’ve just done so answered “Yes, but believe me it was not easy!”. There was an admiration on his face, but his parents probably thought I’m a nutter. Who cares! I wonder at what age we are forgetting that we were children once? at what age are we losing an enthusiasm? Desire for adventure? Ability to live for the moment?  Belief that everything is possible? When do we start to care more about maintaining an outside, and put all kinds of limitation on ourself? We all had dreams. What has happened to them?

The beach where I ended up my walk was Thornton Beach which is officially closed to the public due to the safety reasons. Apparently the danger from landslides! ha ha

The area where I ended up was not San Francisco anymore. It was a Daly City and I walked almost all the way back to Cortland Avenue where I live. It was maybe 10 miles in total, maybe more but if you are out of shape like me 10 miles can kill you:)

Not too many pictures from that day. I was too focus on me and then consumed by the desire to just get home! These are all taken by my phone camera. Oh these new technology!

IMG_1082 IMG_1084 IMG_1090 IMG_1093 IMG_1095 IMG_1098IMG_1103

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3 thoughts on “Thornton Beach adventure!

  1. Haha!!! You Nutter! xx


      1. Charming!!!
        I bet you don’t have a hand-made feather headdress, or cat ears headband that you’ve actually worn outside of the house!! :-p xx


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