Coastal walk and…Wesolych Swat!

I am happy, I feel light, and I am grateful for what I’ve got!

Another day with an ocean. This time a costal walk. Enjoy the nature and…

It’s Christmas time! The time for joy and happiness. Wherever you are in the cold or in the sun, in the church or in the bar, eating carp or a ham I wish you Happy Christmas! Wesolych Swiat! Full of love, loved ones, and full of wonderful moments.

For those heavy hearted ones I wish you find peace in your heart and your mind. 

Love you! Wesolych Swat!

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2 thoughts on “Coastal walk and…Wesolych Swat!

  1. Wesolych Swiat i wesolego swietowania Mareczek! Buziaki i zyczenia dla wszystkich wokol xxx


  2. Wesolych Swiat 🙂


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