Streets of San Francisco Bike tour

Thing to do in San Francisco is definitely a bike tour.

I know some people think I have no fears but yes, there are few. In no particular order: fear of love, fear of walking across a floating bridge, fear of failure, fear of opinions of others and …. fear of cycling in the busy city. I’m afraid of traffic. I’m afraid of disproportion you against the car, or simply an opening car door after somebody proudly find a parking space, and is not bother to look into the side mirror. Yes, it almost happened to our tour guide on this trip!

Well, San Francisco is a perfect city to overcome this fear. It’s definitely a bike-friendly IMG_0732place. And no, nobody was making me cycle round the steepest city in the world as there is always a way around. In case of SF it’s the Wiggle! There is one rule with the Wiggle – you see the hill, turn! It’s a zig-zag route across the town to avoid all major hills.  There is the Wiggle bike shop, the Wiggle t-shirts and even the Wiggle song. Check this out- Do the Wiggle!

The tour name was “Heart of the City”. The guy running the tour was brilliant. He was very passion about San Francisco and very proud that he is raising his 3 kids in the city. Yes, it is not very common here. Apparently there are more dogs then children in the city. Why? It’s simply expensive. Did you know that here you can register your dog as “emotional support animal”? With this certificate you can take him to any place you want, any restaurant, or even fly with him. I wonder what animal could be my emotional support? Eagle? Tiger? Mouse? Any suggestions?

Anyway the tour was definitely a success.  I’ve seen already couple places, couple places were completely new, and few are definitely worth checking again. The highlight was the new murals hidden in very small streets which I could never find on my own. This one was my favourite:


And I could not possibly miss THE VIEW! The view from an opening scene of “Full house”. I grow up watching this sitcom. It was so bizarre to see it live. I actually might carry on this theme and go to Santa Barbra to see the view from “Santa Barbra” soap opera. Don’t judge! That was TV in Poland in 80s. We did not know any difference:)


Highly recommended bike tour and thank you once again my ex-colleagues for such a lovely present! Couple pictures especially for you!


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2 thoughts on “Streets of San Francisco Bike tour

  1. Glad you enjoyed it hun 🙂 xxx


    1. Hello there!!!! Thank you once again xxxxxx


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