Beach Cafe

Just next to the Ocean beach there is the Sunset district. A bid spooky place and it’s hard to explain why. The outdated buildings, old bars and scruffy motels where just giving me a sense of forgotten place. The place that used to be lively and busy, and now only locals and lost tourist are coming to visit. It’s right next to the zoo so I could hear the children laugh during the summer but in the December the place was abandoned. There was no human being walking on the street. The only place with any sign of life was a Beach Cafe and that’s when I met my another inspiration.

He was an elderly gentleman whom I share the outside table to enjoy the sun. He inspired me to think about life in general but the concept of home especially. This lovely man was coming from Northern Ireland and had been living in San Francisco for over 30 years.

His heart still belonged to Ireland, even though he’s been here for so many years.               His heart still belonged to his wife, even though he was separated for decades.                  His heart never left Ireland and San Francisco was only a temporary place.

It made me think about my journey and what place I can call home. There is a saying that the home is where your heart is, I would say the home is where I am.


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