Ocean Beach

I woke up yesterday with a desire to see the sea. I mean ocean in case of San Francisco. I got on the bus and 20 min later I was by Ocean Beach. I love the ocean. I love this sense of open space, the sound of waves, energy coming from the water. I just love it!

For me, the person who grow up next to the sea, it’s always a special thing to do. Ever since I moved away from my home city I missed the water. My flat was only 30 minutes walk to the beach and guess what? I almost never went there. Things we have next to us on a daily basis we take for granted. We don’t appreciate them until…they’re gone. I’m grateful for my second chance – ocean instead of sea and 20min on the bus instead of walking:) I will take it! I will now enjoy it with the full awareness and appreciation! Thank you.

DSC07538DSC07590DSC07589DSC07533DSC07492 DSC07494

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