I love San Francisco

It comes as no surprise that I have decided to extend my stay in San Francisco. I opened to many doors to leave it now.

I’m exotic here. First, for the fact I am from Poland which obviously for them is far, far away. Second, my accent always confuse them. I know some people will laugh now but yes, for some locals I sound more british then polish hahaha:) I always just smile and say yes, I’ve been living in UK for the past 5 years and that explains a lot.

UK feels so far away now. It’s been only couple weeks but the fact I have completely changed the environment is making me feel like I’ve been here forever. I love San Francisco. We are perfect match for here & now. I don’t know if it’s because I missed the city so much or I just missed feeling alive. Things I’m doing here are available everywhere but for some reason I was so blocked back home. Only now slowly but surely I’m opening for new possibilities, new opportunities and new people. My perception is changing.

People keep saying how brave it is what I’m doing and how much courage it takes. I hear this but at the same time I raise my eyebrows with surprise. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything extraordinary. Travelling is the easy part. All you have to do is just go with the flow and make sure you enjoy it. I have huge faith that things will fall into place, they already are. Travelling solo? Cannot imagine to do it with anybody. It’s my personal journey so how can someone accompany me in this? Of course, I am not talking about a life partner but as I don’t have one travelling on my own was the only option to make it right.

To be honest with you If there was anything difficult it was actually a process of realising that the life I was living was not enough. That there is more and I want this more, I deserve this more and I will take this more. Having courage to look at yourself and see without any fancy filters, rose-coloured glasses where you are and who you are that is a true courage. Everything afterwards is easy…

So here I am, in San Francisco, for another month or two..who knows? I’m not in rush anywhere! 

In black & white mood today. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “I love San Francisco

  1. Fantastic – Wow what an amazing Journey – still hope to catch up with you in NZ at some stage – so we can share a road trip together and have some crazy good fun 🙂


    1. Thank you Michelle! I keep thinking how to arrange that. It would be great to make it happen:) NZ has a special place in my heart. Let me think!! I will keep you posted x


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