Palace of Fine Arts

I’m addicted! It’s official now and believe me I’m not proud of this! I’m addicted to bagels. All sorts of type: everything with literally everything in it, garlic, poppy seeds with cream cheese, with smoked salmon, with peanut butter or even the weirdest combination ever peanut butter & jam?!?!?

Why am I doing this to myself:)

My relationship with food has always been abusive but now? They are carbs, white bread, they  are bad!! Someone please save me from myself as so far the day without bagel is a waste day here ha ha.

Anyway I have finally made it to Marina. It’s the fist time where I had any recollection that I’ve visited San Francisco before. In my age some of the brain pathways responsible for remembering are gone. Must be all the white bread I’ve eaten over the years:) or sugar. Yes, let’s blame the sugar! It was 11 years ago during my university years. I barely remember this so Ola please go ahead and share the story of this trip. I would love to see some pictures as well. My hair style was hilarious!

Anyway I’m rubbish in sightseeing so there is no Golden Gate bridge picture. Why? I simply have not been there yet:) My way to see the place is always just stroll around and follow your instinct. See a nice street go there and explore. See another one, go there! Comfortable shoes, lots of walking and obviously common sense is always helpful. This strategy always pays off and this way I have discovered the magic place – Palace of Fine Arts.

In residential area of Marina district, among posh houses there was this beauty. Peaceful, empty, kind of odd compared to the architecture of the rest of San Francisco. It felt like completely different city. Built in 1915 and only recently restored it’s definitely worth of checking if you ever come over here.

Ops I’ve just noticed that I’m being quite hard on myself today. Rubbish in eating, rubbish in sightseeing. Oh well one of these days I guess. I have to find some nice thing to do to pick up! Dance!!! More to follow on FB later:)

Enjoy the pictures! the one with little girl is my favourite. It’s like me now. Little me in a big world.



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