Here I am, at the airport again. My last flight for the time being at least….one way ticket to Poland.

It’s a New Moon today so the new beginning. What a funny “coincidence” life has town at me. I have no clue what am I going to do there, how long am I going to stay, if I’m staying. I have no plan. Friend of mine email me “Hope all is working wonderfully in your no-plan plan”. Let’s see
It’s quite emotional as well. I’m about to cry. It’s been almost two years. It’s a long time, but at the same time no time at all. When you’re back to your familiar environment it feels like you’ve only been away for the weekend. You just slip back to where you left really. Not fully as some things cannot remain the same. My teacher would very often say “the real transformation is irreversible”
I’ve truly enjoyed my landing in Europe. My friends made it so easy. Mooji says that the only real wealth is gratitude. I’m really, really grateful. Wonderful people are crossing my path and it does not matter if it’s in North, Central America or in Europe.  When you’re enjoying yourself the place does not matter anymore. It’s all inside. I am one lucky girl!
I thought I will share some pictures from Havana. Cuba was definitely a good idea. It’s probably the last standing communist country and me being from Poland the post-comunistic country made this experience even more colourful. There are two currencies in Cuba. Both are closed currencies which means that you cannot buy them outside the country. There are convertible pesos which are mainly for tourists and 1 peso = 1 US dollar, and national pesos for locals. As a tourist if you stay in convertible pesos zone Cuba is not cheap, when you move to pesos it’s deadly cheap. The problem is that there is not much to buy in pesos zone just like in Poland in 70-80s. We also had two kinds of shops. One where there was nothing, and other where there was everything, but only available if you have an american dollars. Similar situation in Cuba in 2015. Very interesting to watch from an outside.
Havana looks like it’s just about to fall apart. First I felt like I’m in bad neighbourhood in New York or some other big city. Once I get used to and realised that pretty much the whole city looks like this I opened myself to the beauty of this place. It has a unique charm and watching people it’s the best thing to do there.
It was also interesting to travel for the first time in the place where there was no internet access. It’s just shown how much we dependent on the modern technology. I went with the flow and it paid out a big time. I had a wonderful time there and this “no wifi” zone was the best preparation for the busy West!
Here you go. La Habana through my eyes
I’m not sure if this blog will continue or not. For me the traveling part is not over. It does not matter if I’m in Mazunte or Gdansk I connect with people the same way, I look in their eyes the same way, I see the same beauty and the same magic.
Magic! I know somebody who’s laughing right now seeing this word. Yes, magic is everywhere and the magic is called love. You just need to have eyes to see this magic. That’s all
love you all x
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