A new chapter

I continue my wonderment…

Yesterday it felt like I’m starting a new chapter. Something comes to the end, something new starts. I cannot name exactly what, but it feels this way.

Tomorrow I will start to teach. I have my first class tomorrow morning. Excitement and curiosity is with me at the moment. What is going to be like?

When I left my job I said I’m not going to work ever again. How is it possible? Because whatever I’m going to do in my life I will do it out of love and with passion so it won’t feel like “a job”. That was my dream and that has not changed. I remember back then my Dad, really concerned about my decision, asked me “Do you know anybody like this?” I said “No, but it does not mean that people like this don’t exist” He replied” Yes, maybe 1-5% of the population.” I replied, really stubborn in my decision “Why can’t I be one of those 1%?

One thing I came to understand without any doubt. We are here to enjoy. We are here to laugh. We are here to be happy. We are here to LOVE “(…) seeing only love, hearing only love, feeling only love, tasting only love and smelling only love, which is bliss” Sri Ramana Maharshi said.

That’s it. That’s all I can say about life at the moment.

Yesterday friend of mine told me “Gosia you have been in some special state for months now”. I reflected on that last night and all I can say is that this state, whatever it is, is my natural state. There is nothing special about me. That’s how human being is designed to be. Be bloody happy:)

So here I am. Just about to enter a new chapter of my journey. Let’s see if I can share the joy and enthusiasm I feel inside. Let’s see if I can share the light that I feel I am. All I ask for is to be able to do that. Then nothing ever will feel like “a job” because it will be only a sharing of who I am, naturally, with no effort at all…

 Sharing the light with you

The same light that you are

The same light that I am

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4 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. Such a beautiful article goshia! Such a sweet light you are!


    1. The same light that you are my love xxx


  2. Good luck with your teaching Gosia!
    Mam nadzieje,ze wspomnienia z II LO nie zakluca Ci pierwszej lekcji 😉


    1. Ha ha na pewno nie a jesli to tylko te pozytywne:) Pozdrawiam goraco xxx


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