It’s been a year…

Lots of people have pointed to me today that its been a year. It’s 1st of December. My Angel birthday (Happy Birthday Rebecca!) and a year since I left London. Usually on my birthday I’m taking an inventory of the past year, but I guess I will take this opportunity to acknowledge and be grateful for without a doubt an amazing journey – Journey of the Heart

What has changed? in yogic tradition there is a Sanskrit expression neti neti which means “not this, not that”. Nothing has changed, everything has changed. I’m the same, but different.

I’m happy

I’m in love

I feel light, open, free and beautiful

No, there is no new men in my life. No, there is no object of my love. No, there is no particular reason, nothing or nobody that made me feel this way. It’s a state of my being coming out from my heart and shine through. I’m madly, utterly in love with life. I’m drunk in love. I love life and life loves me that what has changed.

I know what you are going to say. Of course you don’t have to go to work everyday. You don’t have kids, moody husband, bills to pay. You are in a sunny Mexico, living on a beach, doing yoga and meditation, everybody would be happy. Yes, to a certain extent I agree. The place, people influence you a lot, but more than your surrounding your belief system place an important role.

I have let go of this belief that my happiness depends on something or somebody, something I’m lacking

That having a man in my life will make me happy. That another travel destination will make me happy. That million dollars on my account will make me happy.  That a chocolate ice creams will make me happy. I was looking for happiness outside, associated my happiness with something or somebody out there.  Not long time ago I’ve written this post, but then…

Then I looked inside…

Then I went deeper…

… and what I found was my heart. Very fragile, well protected, very contracted, but so beautiful. Yes, that has changed. I have re-discovered the beauty and the power of my heart. This gave me a courage to make a shift, to make a choice and to be happy, to love without waiting for…I don’t even know what.

This is a message for this year. You might say it’s cheesy, but it is as simple as this. We all have a heart. I’m no exception, I’m a rule. It’s available 24/7 with no price tag. Always, always, always there waiting for you to be rediscovered. When you met your husband/wife you felt this power, but then you closed down and came back to the logic and reasoning world.

Come back

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