From Xela to Lego Atitlan

I don’t even know where to start. I don’t even know how to find the words to express my last 3 days adventure. I did push myself a big time. This time physically.  I hiked from Xela to Lake Atitlan. 45km in the last 3 days with a full gear on my back!!!!

Lake Atitlan was a reason I came to Latin America. It supposed to be a magic place so it was on my itinerary for sure. After few days in Xela I felt like it’s time to move. It’s a lovely place, best for learning spanish with cheap and apparently really good schools. Yet I really don’t feel like learning a new language at the moment. I mean I have to find my way when I travel, but I cannot force my brain to work, especially with the left brain activity like learning a new language. I’m now all about intuition, creativity, spirituality all the right brain activity. It feels like all my life my left-brain was a dominant one. My education, career was all about logic, numbers, reasoning.  However ever since I’ve started to use a left hand something has clicked and connected with the right hemisphere. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my journey speaks for itself. I have this theory that it’s not like I’m changing the sides. I’m just stimulating the one which has not been used that much, and in result I’m expanding my mind, increasing the capacity. My aim its to balance both sides and use them both in whatever direction I decide to go.  At the same time never ever let either side to be dominant. Balance is the an answer to all.

I’ve heard about Quetzaltrekkers before. Lots of travellers have recommended them. They are fully non-profit organisation with all guides working as volunteers. All profits support local communities and the various projects in Guatemala. I’ve heard about Xela- Atitlan track as well, but I really was not sure if that’s something I want to do and…

When I singed in for the trip I honestly thought we are going there with our own stuff which means kind of school back pack size bag. Quetzealtrekkers were offering a bag drop so I was convinced that I will take just few essentials and the rest will be provided. A night before a trip on an introduction meeting I’ve faced the truth. Yes, it is provided but somebody needs to carry this as well! Somebody means all of us! We were going there fully equipped with all stuff necessary to sleep and eat. We are not camping, some of the meals are cooked for us, but we still need a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, snacks, food, drinks for breaks and some of the meals. I’ve freaked out. Literally! I was not sure if I have enough energy, if I’m fit enough and if it’s really something what I want to do.  My brain had all the reasons to not go: recent stomach crisis, large backpack to carry, lack of experience on the long hikes, doubt in my own abilities etc etc Suprisely my heart was so excited and really telling me to go. I followed my heart and..

I’m so glad I’ve pushed myself and decided to take this challenge. I’m really proud of myself as well. This trip was definitely physically the most demanding thing I’ve ever done. The first day we started with really steep hike. I thought I’m dying. For the last 2-3 months I have not been smoking and drinking. I had really good diet and despite all of that I could not catch my breath!  There was nothing I could do apart from doing my best. The guides ware really supporting so I dug into all my energy resources, pushed myself and just did it.

Morning of the day one was really hard, but each day was physically challenging. Approx 20 km a day with a massive reward on a day three with just 6km hike and the most spectacular view ever! Landscape wise Guatemala is blowing my mind. It is such a beautiful country. The rainy season is making everything so lush green. The best thing about hiking is the fact you get to really remote places. You are in the mountains ( the highest point we hit was 3050m/10k feet) hiking through the forest, fields, small villages, crossing the river, in the fog, in the sun, luckily without rain and all of that in the great company. We were a small group – 2 guides and 4 of us.

I really, really appreciated encouragement from the girls-guides and my companions. I appreciated all the breaks we were doing. They were important not really for the legs, but for our backs. Carrying such a heavy backpack and walking up and down was a new experience for me. I appreciated all the snacks on the way, all the beautiful food that especially when you exhausted tastes like heaven. I’m sad that this experience is over I could walk and walk and walk. This morning was a day 3. We woke up shortly after 3am to hike to the view-point over the Lake Atitlan to get there before a sunrise. Wow! I had such a gratitude in my heart this morning. I don’t think I ever seen such a beautiful sunrise. When I see Mother Nature at her best I cannot help. My heart was happy, I was happy and I still have this energy with me.

I’m in San Marcos at the moment. It supposed to be a nice, quite village by the lake where a lot of yoga, meditation things going on. Let’s see. Here you go some pictures from my amazing adventure…

Day 1

DSC01461 DSC01464 DSC01472 DSC01476 DSC01477 DSC01478 DSC01480 DSC01481 DSC01484 DSC01486 DSC01487 DSC01498

Day 2

DSC01519 DSC01520 DSC01522 DSC01524 DSC01530 DSC01532 DSC01535 DSC01537 DSC01541 DSC01549 DSC01553 DSC01554 DSC01555 DSC01558

Day 3

DSC01585 DSC01591 DSC01613 DSC01620 DSC01632 DSC01633 DSC01642 DSC01643 DSC01645 DSC01646 DSC01662 DSC01669 DSC01677 DSC01678 DSC01681 DSC01692

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7 thoughts on “From Xela to Lego Atitlan

  1. Hey lovely, just catching up!
    Well done you! Looks like it was definitely worth the effort 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. amaziiiiiiinggg!!!!!! love! xxx


  3. Hej Gosiu 🙂 Gratuluję i zazdroszczę. Może będzie kiedyś okazja, żeby razem na jakąś wyprawę się wybrać. Pozdrowionka.


    1. ha ha ale ty dzwigasz plecak! nie wiem czy moje plecy dotrwaja do konca tej podrozy. O ile kiedykolwiek bedzie jej koniec:))) Zartuje! Z checia poznam nasze cudne gory. Cudze chwalice a swojego nie znacie:)) pozdrawiam x


  4. This looks absolutely amazing. Love it. Might just need to do this track myself!


    1. It was a journey but so worth an effort. Highly recommended!!! xx


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