Palenque is in the north of Chiapas state, 6 hours a bus journey from San Cristobal. My stomach has survived a journey, but I’m still not feeling 100%. I’m thinking to do some fasting to get rid off this nasty bacteria. Maybe this will help. No, I’m not taking any chemicals. You know me. I don’t do any pain killers so I won’t take any drugs for this mild inconvenience either. I let my body to do his job. I guess I needed some internal cleansing ha ha

In Palenque we have followed a recommendation and stayed in a really nice place. A bid of luxury surrounded by a jungle – Mayabell It felt like being in the Jurassic Park. Why? You are literally going to bed and you are woken up by howler monkeys who sound just like dinosaurs. I have seen them only from far away, but heard them loud and clear. Nothing I would associate with monkey sound at all. An interesting experience.

Mayan ruins are definitely worth a trip. The city is dated for around 600-700 AD. The setting is quite impressive as well. This ancient city is surrounded by mountains, in the middle of jungle with the beautiful waterfall cascades on the way. Here you go some pictures below. The most spectacular view overlooking the Palace is from Temple of the Cross. Enjoy!

The plan for me before going to Palenque was to cross a border with Guatemala from there. Stay couple days in Flores and cross a country to get to Antigua. Well, for some reason I felt huge resistance towards this idea. Everything was against it and a rude travel agent was the final straw. I was so confused what to do next. Go north, east or….? I meditate on this and decided to go back to San Cristobal. It was the best idea ever.

Today I did my “home office” I did my laundry, reorganised my backpack and I’m just about to check my budget which is probably the most scary thing. Generally I don’t like researching, planning and keeping up with my spending. I like just “to be” and don’t worry about the mundane world:) I cannot avoid it anymore, especially before the next chapter – Guatemala. Tomorrow at 7.30 am I’m leaving Mexico! Next stop Quetzaltenango better known as Xela, a second largest city in Guatemala. I don’t know yet if it’s a long stop or just couple days one. Let’s see!

Stay tuned:)

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4 thoughts on “Palenque

  1. Gorgeous pics lovely! Looks like a stunning place 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks hun. Let me know if you need somebody to document your romantic anniversary:) I will be there for you guys haha x


  2. Beautiful! Can’t wait to visit this area next year. We are planning to head to Xela as well, so let me know how you like it! We’re hoping to stay at The Yoga House there, I’ve heard wonderful things. You should check it out. And visit some hot springs for me! 🙂


    1. The yoga house?! Oh that might be a plan:) I’m also thinking to finally pick up some Spanish. Apparently it’s the best place to do that. Thanks for a tip. Will google this now x


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