San Cristobal de la Casas

Morning all from beautiful San Cristobal. The weather has come down. I mean it’s still around 15 degrees, but the rain it’s not constant and there are some breaks. On the end of the day we are on 2200m (7200ft) above sea level so no surprise that it’s more chilly than by an ocean.

Chiapas a state of Mexico where I’m in might be one of the poorest in the country, but at the same time it’s very rich in history and traditions. I wish I could write more about the Zapatistas rebellion that took place in the late 90s. I wish I could write more about beautiful textiles, crafts that they have here but…My stomach is playing symphony at the moment so I don’t feel very inspired to write.

It’s a quick post to share some pictures before I jump into the bus. Keri my yogini friend has joined me yesterday and together we’re heading to the jungle!!! We’re going to Palenque to see Mayan ruins and to sleep among the monkeys in the jungle yey! It’s a raining season so It’s going to be a muddy jungle, but at least the temperature is about 26 degrees. I need warmth.

Wish me luck on a bus journey.  There are two options a posh bus with a toilet for 366 pesos, or 2nd class bus more known as a “chicken bus” for 112 pesos. Despite of my stomach we are choosing the option number 2. It’s quicker, it’s cheaper and more adventures ha ha

Here you go some pictures from lovely, beautiful, colonial town San Cristobal. I will be back here for sure but hopefully in the summer:)

DSC00988 DSC00990 DSC00994 DSC00997 DSC01001 DSC01004 DSC01007 DSC01009 DSC01016 DSC01021 DSC01022 DSC01023 DSC01025 DSC01028 DSC01029 DSC01033 DSC01036 DSC01037 DSC01038 DSC01040 DSC01049 DSC01056 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01065 DSC01066 DSC01067 DSC01068 DSC01069

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