Energy of Monte Albán

When my maestro Rene told me yesterday during my drawing class what a special day it is, my eyes just light up with excitement. I was on a mission! Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the locals in Oaxaca believe that Monte Albán is the place to be on that day, especially at noon.

I quickly finished my water painting picture, where by the way I’m now painting in the style of 4-5 years old kid (it’s progress by 1 year on each class. Well done me!) I quickly jumped into a local taxi, rushed the driver to take me to the bus stop, and managed to take 11.30 bus. I sooo wanted to be there before noon. I made it 5 minutes before!

Monte Albán is an ancient town 10km from Oaxaca located on top of the mountain about 1940 m above sea level, with a spectacular 360 degree view of the valleys of Oaxaca, and Oaxaca town itself. It is an ancient Zapotec capital founded around 500 B.C. It was on my list of places to go, but as I’m not really into archaeological sites I was not in a rush. Also, to be honest with you I expected couple old pyramids, couple stones and that’s it. I was so wrong… It’s worth to go there at least for a view! Promise! Yesterday was a bit misty, but I still could not resist the magic! There is also magic about the place itself. It’s a large open area with Great Plaza in the centre, and numbers of ceremonials buildings around. It’s all so well looked after that 3 hours that the bus driver has suggested was just enough.

So what was special about yesterday? Locals believe it’s not only archaeological site, but also a place that holds a great energy. On the first day of spring the position of the sun creates no shadow at mid-day. The locals believe is a perfect time to charge your energy for the rest of the year. You know me I’m all about energy. You don’t have to tell me twice. I believe everything around us is Energy. I believe we exchange energy with everything and everybody. I believe in healthy ways of charging your energy instead stealing from each other. I’ve discovered what always works for me: the nature, ocean, sea, art, time on my own with those things. Yesterday I used all these things apart from the water. I let the sun to charge my life force, I let the view to please me, and I let the gentle wind to hug me. It was a special day! I really enjoyed!

After 3 hours on the sun I was hungry and thirsty. My Mum recently asked me what am I eating:) Well, I don’t cook! My access to a kitchen is not brilliant, and food here so good and cheap that I cannot resist. I’m eating is so many different places from the market, street food to restaurants. All depends on my level of hunger and desire what to eat today. Recently very often I’m finding myself in the cafe-restaurats where the locals eat their lunch which 2-4 o’clock so my dinner time:) I took the pictures this time so I can show you. The  one on the Artista street is my favourite. Sorry I’ve forgotten the name of the place. There is always a set menu, and you have a choice of 2-3 dishes. It is at least 2 course dinner, served with a pitcher of aqua de fruta and the dessert sometimes. All of that for 40-60 pesos depends on the place. This time I had a fish soup with cheese swimming in it, and a fillet of some sort of fish. Good food, freshly cooked each day for 50 pesos! I love this country! 

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