Oaxaca’s street art

Oaxaca it’s such a colourful place. I understand why I’m here. It’s like a colour therapy, colours needed to wake up my creativity. They are everywhere so I’m just walking around discovering the town and soaking in the rainbow of colours. Sunny weather and constant temperature around 30 degrees helps a lot as well.

I’m so excited about my new art adventure. The place I’ve joined for a month is like a workshop or studio. They don’t have a website just a blog, but in case you ever going to be in Oaxaca that’s the place to go Taller Ruffino Tamayo. I’m taking three types of classes, but they are not really classes. In certain days, at certain time they open the space for let’s say a painting class and off you go. Use your imagination and let your creativity to flow. There is no subject of the day. There is no instruction just do what you feel like doing, and if you need a help there is a teacher. So far I’ve done drawing, sculpture and the next week I will try lithography. I love it! The best part is that I can go there everyday during a week. Boom!

That’s is from here. All is good. Food is good. Life is good.

I’ve been told to breath an art to let my creativity unfold naturally. Instead of a museum I’ve chosen the street art. I’ve found a lot here!

DSC09114 DSC09117 DSC09119 DSC09129 DSC09130 DSC09132 DSC09133 DSC09134 DSC09136 DSC09137 DSC09138 DSC09139 DSC09140 DSC09143 DSC09144 DSC09145 DSC09151

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