Last minute change

I’m scared. I’m just about to cry as I am so freaked out at the moment. My whole plans went out of the window 100 miles/hour with the big boom when the window shut back. Why?

Today I bump into a guy I’ve met before. He is very experienced traveller so we mainly talked about my journey so far. He asked me what is my mission of this trip? I said it is all about self discovery. I talked about my recent discovery, what I’m I thinking about now, what is the next plan etc.  Little by little we have suddenly started to talk about the Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. That it is a magical place and it is perfect place to learn more in regards to my trip mission. We have started to talk about Mexico and  Latin America in general, especially people there. The next thing I knew we were looking at the google map where is the best place to cross the US border.

You know how have I discovered that I was born left-handed? One of the musician in the Revolution Cafe said that, when I used the sign language to describe the violin. I’ve forgotten en english word, so I showed him instead using my left hand. Again, little by little he said I’m totally left-handed and the next thing I knew I was writing with my both hands. In fact my right hand writing has changed in the recent weeks. The letters are now bigger and actually it now looks like my left hand writing. I would love to some brain expert to explain me what has clicked in my brain. It’s obvious that it has now balanced. I can use both hands and the writing is in the same style, but obviously I write with the different speed:) Brain is amazing thing I tell you that.

Anyway when he said that I knew, I just knew that what he is telling is the right thing. The same today. When Marc was talking about Mexico, Guatemala I just knew that it is the place I need to go next. Not LA, not Fiji but Latin America. It’s something about people there I cannot resist. Mission district is full of immigrants from this region. They are real people. They feel very real. I feel them, they feel me. As simple as that!

I said at some point I want to experience different people, different lifestyles and different environments. I want to get know people flavour. What spice are you?  I want to be inspired by people, I want to connect with people. I want to see real people not pretend, zombie wearing the mask who completely disconnect themselves from emotions and feelings. I’m tired of that. My dream was to be real and free, so once I sad A I now have to say B. I’m going to Mexico!

He suggested San Diego as a place to go first and take the bus through the border. We quickly check Craig’s list as sometimes people offer a ride, and you just share the petrol money. You won’t believe. The first post I saw was ” Ride to San Diego from San Francisco March 1 (San Francisco)” posted 44 mins before. Magic! My flat rent is paid until end of February so I quickly replied on this post and let’s see what happen next.

All I know at this stage is that I don’t need a visa to Mexico. I want to go to Ensenada, then La Paz direction to take a ferry to Mazatlan, and then Guatemala direction. I will travel with the public transport, using bus. It’s cheap there. I know… safety. Latin America scares me. I’m not going to lie. Being a girl, travel alone without knowing spanish… I know…I’m aware of this. I’m now sitting here freaking out but… No. 1 like anywhere in the world common sense is the best advisor when it comes to the safety. Trust but keep your eyes and ears open. No 2. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.This kind of last-minute change is exactly what I wanted so…Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

I have no idea what to do with rest of my flights. I will sleep on this and decide tomorrow. That’s it.  I’m going! I’m going into the wild again:)



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2 thoughts on “Last minute change

  1. chica! told you!!!! latin america is the place to go!!
    the only sad thing is that you are going now, and I’m going back there in november..
    do as much spanish as you can though.. (i can send you some links if you want. basics you will need, but don’t stress that you don’t speak the language, you’ll be fine. and don’t freak out that you’re a girl travelling alone – everyone will be helping you!)

    new adventureeee, yeah!!


    1. You never know I might still be there in November ha ha lets’s see. Baby steps:) I’m excited now, really really excited. Cant wait!


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