Murals in the Mission

Interesting thing about this blogging. It’s like you are putting yourself out there and say to the world – here you go, have piece of me! It feels scary, very fragile.

It’s like you are inviting people for let’s say Thanksgiving turkey. They accept invitation, they coming to your house. You know things are not perfect but your excitement of new is huge. You know some people will be just grateful to be here, “Brilliant! I will have some. Thank you for sharing” but some will just come to say “Sorry, I am vegetarian” or “I like my dry not juicy” or “Where is the gravy? I never eat without”.

Not sure where the turkey analogy came from but that’s not a point. The point is that this is another learning experience. Continue to do what you’re doing, what feels right for you and don’t be afraid of others people’s opinion. Boundaries. I’m putting myself out here. There is no right or wrong. It’s my thinking, my experience. See the world through my eyes. Just enjoy!

ps. Have you checked my About page?:)

Anyway, back to reality and San Francisco. The Mission – My favourite district so far! Mission is the artist district which according to locals is now becoming very fashionable  and all the new kids from hi-tech industry are slowly taking over the place. For the time being the place still has a soul and amazing street art. The Mission’s Murals are the best in the town. Every single day I’m discovering some new one. Here is just a taste as there is over 600 of them in San Francisco. Majority on 24th Street where I hang out the most. Opss I’m expanding my horizons and now enjoying coffee (yes, another one!) on 18th Street haha . If I continue to move this direction I might finally get to the Downtown and do some  sightseeing:)

Anyway enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Murals in the Mission

  1. Very much like hackney. Maybe that’s why I felt like at home straight away ha ha Dziekuje kochana! Bede pisac I pisac I pisac!


  2. is mission a san fran hackney? 🙂
    love the blog, keep putting yourself out there my dear! :*


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