Morning from San Francisco

Ok so here I am. My first post! Not sure what you are supposed to write about but let me try…

It’s 8am here in sunny California. They say sunny but nobody mentioned warm. It’s cold!!! Only 3 degrees!! I’m still in bed, keeping myself warm. Life is looking good at the moment.

I keep myself busy. I set myself a challenge to try at least one new coffee shop a day. I know horrible thing to do:) Already have my favourite streets to walk on, favourite bars with live music, great flatmates, lots lots of creativity around me and lots of new things to do. I will keep you posted…

For the time being I’m back to below view. Both pictures below and header one are taken from Bernal Hill. More less every day I walk over this hill to get to my favourite district – Mission. Each time panorama of San Francisco is grabbing my heart. It’s something about this place that I immediately felt comfortable in. I’ve been here what 10 days but feels like a month at least. Love it!

OK time to move, live and explore more.



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4 thoughts on “Morning from San Francisco

  1. ONLY you could make that your challenge!!??!!! hahaha :-p

    added to my blog news feed!! 😉
    Look forward to hearing all about it xxx


    1. Ha ha it’s all new to me and you know my patient. Editing a post is a challenge ! Love xxx


  2. Hi Gosia, love your blog and enjoy the city…last time i was there i would not wanted to leave i loved it so much……Have yout reid the triple chocolate fudge cake yet…….have a great time Silvio x x x x


    1. Oh tank you Sylvio. I’m enjoying every moment 🙂 x


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