Punta Cometa

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but my yoga retreat it’s 23 days one. I’m slowly, day by day discovering a world of yoga. It’s a beautiful world and I’m really happy to be able to do it. It feels so right, and it just fits perfectly with where I am right now.

Yoga for me it’s not about a physical body. Yes, it improves your flexibility, relax you, tone your body etc, but these are not the reasons I’m doing it for. I’m doing it for an energy. Like in your physical body you have veins with blood flowing through them, the same in your etheric body you have nadis which are the energy channels for an energy to flow through them. It’s amazing to get in tune with your body, and start to feel energy moving through you. It’s a subtle feeling, and not always there and obvious, but more you practice, more you pay attention, then more open you become for the benefits of yoga. I feel a difference already, and it’s been only 2 weeks. But again there is no instant solution and quick fix for anything. I’ve been trying to listen to my body for years now. I guess it’s a harvest time for me now.

It’s a busy schedule from 7 am to 8-9 pm with 4 hours break during a day. Mainly theory on yogic philosophy and 2 yoga sessions a day. I love the morning meditation and then a yoga session. The afternoon movements are more challenging, mainly due to the weather. I’ve never been good with a heat, so being in climate where the temperature is constantly over 30 degrees, with high humidity so it feels like 40 degrees is a challenge. I’m not moaning:) There is no anther place in the world where I rather be now. Where I am now is just perfect!

My body is naturally flexible, and generally I’m in a good shape, so physically is ok. Of course my knees, spine feels the years behind the desk, so some of asanas are more challenging than others, but as I mentioned before it’s a very slow, gentle type of yoga. Each session is about 2 hours. After warm up you move to asanas (poses). You keep one asana for 5 minutes until you almost get into the meditation state. Also, after each asana you stop, and relax for few minutes to listen after effects of each pose. You keep your eyes closed almost through the whole session. It’s just perfect for me. My mind is still busy and rebellion, but at the same time so much peaceful and clearer than normal. My heart is more and more open each day. The most important change I feel is much more kindness and understanding towards myself like never before. Of course it’s not 100% of time, but enough to feel a slight shift. Again, it’s not just 2 weeks of “miracle retreat” I think it’s a pay off time for me for all these work I’ve done in the past.

I love all the inverted poses, especially a shoulder stand. On Thursday we will learn a head stand yey! Meditation…still work in progress. I am doing my best to discover what it is about. At the moment I cannot let my thoughts go. My mind is too attached to them. I get caught up in my dream world so easily. My body also don’t feel like sitting in one position for an hour. Apparently only practice and patient helps, so with humbleness every morning I’m up before 7 am to do my best over and over again.

Sunday is a day off. This Sunday in the afternoon some of us went for a walk to Punta Cometa. Punta Cometa is a view-point, and the most southern point of the northern america continent boom! The best place to see the sunset! Here you go some pictures for you.

With love from Mazunte:)

DSC00813DSC00814DSC00818 DSC00820 DSC00825 DSC00826DSC00832 DSC00828DSC00835 DSC00839 DSC00845 DSC00849

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2 thoughts on “Punta Cometa

  1. Cudownie! Moze zostaniesz joginką? To kolejny krok do wewnetrznej równowagi ktorej tak poszukujesz!


    1. Ciekawe Magda, ze do momentu przeczytania tego komentarza nie wiedzialam ze rownowaga jest tym czego szukam:) nigdy tak naprawde tego nie nazwalam i bardziej “celu w zyciu” szukalam, Bez rownowagi zelu nie znajdziesz:) buziaki ps tak joga pomaga ha ha love x


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