Shaman wanted

I’m not even surprised if I can be honest with you. I was waiting for a meeting like this. Losing a hope, and with a new hope each day. I was waiting for some guidance, sign, mentor, anything. I have been travelling far too long in serial of synchronised events to be surprised about anything anymore. I took this with calmness and acceptance. I’ve seen lots of signs of this coming so I know it’s real.

Today afternoon I met Veronica. French lady who called herself just a therapist. I was desperate for my energía massage that I had at this place before. My head, my whole body needed to be put in order, but instead I met her. She said she works with energy, chakras, and help to release an emotional wounds. I’m not sure if you familiar with a concept that each I don’t know, let’s say a serious argument with your wife/husband leave a mark in your body. I mean it depends how you approach a quarrel. If you express your real feelings then it’s ok, you take emotions out of your body and it’s all good, forgotten, done. If you hide your real emotions, you never express them, you keep them on the inside and try to forget, bottled up for sake I don’t know kids, her/him or even your own peace you direct your negative emotions inward. They stay in your body, trapped in the muscle, and at some point they go against you of course. Your muscle are full of negative emotions from even when you were a kid. It’s not my theory, it’s a fact. That’s why a deep tissue massage sometimes makes people cry. It might touch and realise their emotional wounds which are stored in their body. Anyway that’s not a point. I’ve never had this kind of treatment before so I said “OK let’s try”. She said she will be free at 4.

I was there way before 4. The room was like any other massage room, so I lay down and waited for what is going to happen next. Her treatment was not a massage. She touched my belly first, then my heart and she asked if my heart is broken. What kind of question is that? I thought. As long as I can remember my heart is broken. It’s a permanent state, so I don’t even pay attention to this anymore. Occasionally there is a small window of opportunity for a break, and glimpse of what love feels like, but never permanent, never consistence to make my heart a whole again. I’ve saved her this story and said “Yes”. She asked how many times? “Constantly” I replied. She said she is going to work on my heart, and at this point I was annoyed. That’s it!? Is that all what you can offer me. Anybody can do that I thought. You must be better in your energy reading then an obvious “broken heart” trick.  She kind of ignored my irritation and started a treatment. She started to chant. What an angelic voice she had! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!. She worked with sounds, vibration, everything! It took I don’t know how long. She started to work on my hips asking if I had any accident there. “No” I said and thought straight away about my second chakra. Nara, do you remember a sleeping giant? When she finished I felt totally balanced and calm, but she said we need to talk ???!!!

With her small english, my small spanish and google translator we started to talk..

She started with a question if I’m spiritual. Well, since 6 months maybe, but “Yes” I said. “You power is wind” she said. What? I thought. “You don’t know who you are” she said. Hell no! Of course I don’t. If I did would I be travelling on my own looking for God only knows what! I saved her that explanation and just saidNo, I don’t”. She continued “Your energy is wow!, your kundalini energy is wow! your third eye is fully open (good to know that as I’ve been recently working on that a lot!)  She said she met me before in our past lives. Apparently I was Gypsy! That’s explain a lot why I cannot find a home anywhere. She said it’s never coincidence a meeting like this. I can either believe her or let go, but…she said “Your energy is a shaman energy, like mine. I advise you to work with shaman.. go seek and discover your path”.

It did not surprised me a bit, but still. I knew for some time now that my purpose is, in one way or other, to help people, but I thought more about a conventional therapy.

“What is my medium” I’ve asked? She did not know. She looked at my palms and asked if I write. I said “Yes, my blog, my journal, all the time”. “Good” she said, maybe a word is your medium to transmit your light. Apparently I have lots of light to share so guys, you are the chosen one!:) You are now reading, breathing, receiving my light through this blog. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. Love you!

Here you go my google translator conversation, and my celebration drinks afterwards. Yes, of course I’ve got drunk afterwards with two margaritas and beautiful food. You would as well if somebody told you you have a shaman energy!

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4 thoughts on “Shaman wanted

  1. i miss you Gosiaaa! (in a good way, love reading you and am super happy that one day we will have an all-night-long discussion about, well.. everything 🙂

    love, mxxxxxx


    1. One night might not be enough:)))) I’m just enjoying the experience and making the best out of it. Let’s see where it will take me love x


  2. Michelle Lindsay April 3, 2014 — 7:18 am

    Fantastic – I love your posts and love the journey you are on – relate to some of these things that you talk about. I went for a massage today and she is also a healer and also had a very rewarding experience – life is so precious and truly amazing 🙂


    1. Must be a healing day! Brilliant. Thank you Michelle for reading and enjoying it:) x


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